CP cp_hydrazine a3

named it - i guess i have to commit to finishing it now. ah Fuck

  1. pont

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    cp_hnngh - i havent ever said this map's name out loud


    ty tumby for the curved stairs

    proper description when this gets into like a4 or something
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  2. nesman

    aa nesman oh god how did this get here

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  3. pont

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    boy, that changed.

    - changed mapname to cp_hydrazine

    rrrrrrrrrrocket fuellllllllllllllllll
    - remade everything up to (and including half of) B point
    yeahhhhhh that sucked. the new A is still pretty flat, but i'm waiting on a playtest to figure out how to improve the point in an interesting way.

    - heavily modified C
    cut BLU walktime in half(ish) with a ramp onto C point just after the curved section, and added cover to C point.

    added a second RED spawnroom further back that opens into the latter half of the old C route, activated on B capture.

    - outer faces of all windows at C are now opaque
    both teams could get a huge amount of information about the areas ahead. this will bring it more inline with other maps.
    - max time upped to eight minutes, setup increased to 70s
    - tweaked respawn times
    - raised capture times

    completely forgot to change all the timings from ABS prefab defaults. whoops.
    - RED team now gets a forced respawn wave upon A capture, in addition to their existing one on B capture
    - BLU team now gets a forced respawn wave upon B capture

    fun fact! straight-up hydrazine isn't used as a rocket fuel because it's a fucking terrifying chemical.
    cp_UDMH doesn't sound as cool, though.

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  4. pont

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    a3 changelog:

    - C reroute

    That Also Sucked. too many places to go, and almost all of BLU team missed the shorter route to the point and instead tried to rush RED spawn.
    instead, i've cut out the back corner of C, leaving BLU with only the short route to C and RED having to go through C to reach BLU.

    BLU's upper and lower routes have been smushed together - the upper route is now a high ground overlooking the lower ground, and does not lead directly to C.

    BLU's underground flank route to the rear of C point has been simplified a bit, and should be more obvious to players thanks to the other changes around its entrance.
    BLU have an additonal dropdown balcony route to C. a long fence blocks gunfire from C, but not sight. this should help if the other routes are taken by RED.
    the lobby and curve after B should now be much harder for RED to hold, with less cover and resources nearby.

    - raised skybox ceiling over A
    - shortened wire fence at A point's far side

    hesitant to change A much yet, since the bulk of feedback has been about last so far.

    - adjusted signage and colouration across the map, and added an extra door behind B, to try to better direct players.

    - added no entry shutters to closed forward spawns

    three people ran face first into closed forwards. yall play normal tf2, right?

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