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Dec 27, 2012
Hello friends.
7 years ago I joined this community with a strong love for TF2 and a creative urge that needed to be scratched. I only wanted to make some cool levels and have a good time and this community has given me far more than that; if I were to call any community my home it'd be this one.

But there is a point where the light has gone out where you realise you just don't have the energy to spend 10 hours a day mapping and you just can't host imps daily. Eventually, you host an imp a couple times a week - maybe work on your maps now and then - but in the end we all have to reach the time where we move on to other projects.

It's no surprise to anyone who knows me that my time has been spread everywhere but TF2 over the last couple years; to my game Boing! Bubble Arena (which I encourage you to check out, we do public playtests), and to Mario Kart Wii (which I stream and have started making custom content for).

To cut to the chase, next week as the last event I host as staff I will be running a gameday featuring some of my more notable previous maps. After the gameday next week I will be immediately stepping down as staff. The event is at 9PM GMT on Wednesday the 16th of October, the maps will be as follows:

Map Name | Thread
KotH Megalo | link
TC Sparrow | link
CP Deceit | link
PL Rebirth | link
KotH Maple Ridge | link
PLR Skelter2| link
Arena Mochville | link
CP Mudwater | link
Arena Mochville | link
CP Trash Valley | link
KZ Callous2 | link
PL Genesis | link
CP Kombu | link
We won't necessarily get through all of these, but it'll probably be in this order.

The first imp I hosted was on the 31st of August 2014, and I counted myself having hosted just over 220 imps! This doesn't count the times I took over imps, so who knows how high it'd be with that too!

Here's a rough list of my custom maps I made during my time here:
Year | Maps
2019|KotH Bigg
2018|CP Trash Valley
2017|KotH Megalo, TC Sparrow, CP Deceit, MvM Echoe
2016|Arena Mochville, PLR Skelter2, PL Rebirth, PD Ascension
2015|PL Tornadoom, CP Kombu, KoPL Highville, PL Genesis, CP Pudding, KotH Vanillands (& event), KotH Skelter, Arena Toastierroast, KZ Callous2, CP Martial, CP Ashworks, Arena Ghostroast, KotH Strate2
2014| KotH Maple Ridge, CP Amaranth, CP Mudwater, MvM Callous
2013|KotH Strate, CP Berry 72, KotH Polarbeam, CP Paramagnetic, Arena Toastroast, CP Baconmeadow, TD Rampant, TD Nightshade, MvM Cerulean, Itemtest Spytech, KotH Mann Harbour
2012|CP Lightflock 72, KotH Harbour
Thank you to everyone who has made this community as great as it is now, it's grown so much since I joined a third of my life ago (and no, I didn't join last month!). I know every ex-staff member ever has said this, but you'll still see me around in chat!

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Jul 23, 2016
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Jun 15, 2013