Skelter2 A5b

Carnival King of the Payload Race

  1. Berry
    King of the Payload (Race)
    Push your cart to the top to start your timer. Don't let the enemy push theirs to the top, or the timer will stop!

    Hedges: Zoey, Square
    Crate tarps: Zoey
    Flagpoles: SediSocks, Void
    Ammo crates: Zoey, SediSocks
    Roof slates, cobblestone, beach blend, stencil overlays, metal sheets, wood pieces, supported brick walls, pretty skybox: Uncredited frontline assets, presumed Void or RetroCitrus (if you made any of these please tell me so I can provide the right credit!)
    Helter Skelter (current temp): Berry

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  1. Alpha 5B