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Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Talk' started by Mark Henryᅚ, Oct 24, 2015.

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  1. Mark Henryᅚ

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    Muted me, and then banned me. No warning or anything... (9:14 PM EST) 10/24/2015

    Was playing Halloween atmospheric sound in the Halloween server.

    Need someone to look into this, and possibly deal with this admin abuse... not a good first impression so far :(
  2. Yrr

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    maybe dont mic abuse then :)
  3. Seba

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    Playing music over voicechat is a no-no, this is kind of a given; besides:

  4. Auwi

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    you're funny

    actually it is technically mic spam so egan had every right to mute you
  5. Egan

    aa Egan

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    When I started the gameday at 5PM EDT you were already on the server moaning into the microphone, and then when we started the gameday you still did it so I muted you.

    3 hours later you came back onto the server and moaned into the microphone again so I muted you then too. When you rejoined the server 3 minutes later to dodge the sourcemod mute and moan into the microphone a third time (which I let you do for three minutes or so so other people knew what was going on) I decided to temporarily ban you for 30 minutes for mic spamming.

    I probably should have told you it was only a temp ban but you should also not have been mic spamming.

    For more information here is the rules page (which applies to the servers):
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  6. tyler

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    If you get muted for mic spamming and then dodge the mute to mic spam again, I don't think you can say your ban was without warning.
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  7. Fr0Z3nR

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    If you warned him before the mute to stop moaning, and they didn't, then no issues here. If you didn't warn them, and just straight up muted, that's a dash of a problem, but not one I feel is really worth anything to worry/argue about.

    Regardless of if you were told to stop before the mute, you still persisted after being muted. Muting I a good sign that you should stop what you were doing, and not do it again.

    Case and thread closed. PM the admins if you wish to appeal again.
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