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  1. The Pansmith™

    Hydro Edifice A1

    Hydro Edifice is a Vs Saxton Hale map with two buildings with a stream separating them. Each building has difffent layout styles to them, but they do both have water. This map was meant to be released on Christmas Eve but I forgot to upload it.
  2. blackout #72hourjam

    vsh_abandoned_facility A1

    A facility once used to house yetis, transport goods, and hold tons of military weaponry, has now been abandoned for years. Now it's your turn to take control of the facility and beat those darn bosses who currently rule it!
  3. jaguar

    vsh_desolate a5

    work in progress
  4. Gunslinger_

    Acoustic A1

    Acoustic is a compact VSH (Versus Saxton Hale) map made as a first test for the Panda Community servers, along with something new and a bit interesting for VSH and FF2 (Freak Fortress 2) servers to experience. The map has no intentions of being used for the actual Arena gamemode, and was...
  5. Calibrator

    Military area enhanced 2018-03-19

    The enhanced version of the popular vsh map vsh_military_area. No more
  6. Brunsauce


    This is one of my first maps I've created in hammer. The map is not near being finished, this is just an early version of it (I plan on expanding the map with some new areas, or redoing some parts of it and also add much more detail). If anyone decides to test it out I'd appreciate feedback and...
  7. red3pit

    Dimenssions v1

    My first attempt to make a deathrun map. Includes: - buckets - merasmus Credits: Hipster_Duck - jumppad trap prefab Mayann Team - mayann textures other people - other stuff that i have no idea if they are custom or not (silly me) Any feedback would be very much appreciated!
  8. ☁ Cloudy ☁

    Deadlock a5

    I always liked night maps and wanted to try making one so this happened. I learned that lighting is hard and painful.
  9. YoungGP

    What should I look out for when creating a VSH map?

    Are there problems with using arena_? Are there settings I need to be concerned about when making a vsh map? Any tips I should consider? Thanks!
  10. 無敗 Muhai

    would anyone like to use this half made map? (RED Brewery)

    Reference: V V V download link: V V V https://puu.sh/vGTCU/5879d2964d.vmf -current state: vsh map- I started this project a few years ago but I cannot really call myself a mapper. When it comes to detailing, it doesn't take long for me to get bored. There are no mechanics set up in the...
  11. ☁ Cloudy ☁

    Havasu a3

    It's been a bit since I made a map and I just randomly got an idea for one.
  12. Meebas

    Launch Pads for VSH

    I need to create launch pads for my VSH (versus saxton hale) map. So far I've only got trigger push brushes, but those only work reliably when going straight up. I need a launch pad that can send players far, and fast, towards a direction. I want ones like the single one in vsh_spaaaaace, if...