vsh_inchling_cagev1 1

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vsh_inchling_cagev1 1

yeah touhou and perfect dark into 1 map

ay, vsh map i made. the map is based off "Reveine" from the game Perfect Dark. there are easter eggs and end of round events related to touhou

video of the map

if there's any issue's with the map leave a message on my steam profile do NOT fix it yourself and reupload it

skybox map (vsh_hakurei_shrine_v3) was made by Deity Link (yes i got permission)

the hidden room map (vsh_starboard_rc2) was made by Jono (yes i got permission)


Q: are you planning on adding anymore end of round events?
A: i'm getting pretty close to the "entdata" limit but mostly likely i will.

Q: why does it look like the train containers are floating?
A: they are not you have ropes disabled.

Q: i don't like the map
A: explain in detail what the main issue's are don't go fixing it yourself please.

Q: i don't like the end of round events killing me!!!
A: take the L and learn to have fun
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