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  1. Meebas

    VSH Pencil Ravine 1.1

    It's like when you look into a bucket of pencils and kind of imagine what it'd be like to be tiny mercenaries fighting a boss This map features a narrow, staggering landscape. It is adorned with lots of fun colored pencil walls, and rubber playroom floors. There are features like fall...
  2. DAsh9986

    vsh_inchling_cagev1 1

    ay, vsh map i made. the map is based off "Reveine" from the game Perfect Dark. there are easter eggs and end of round events related to touhou video of the map if there's any issue's with the map leave a message on my steam profile do NOT fix it yourself and reupload it skybox map...
  3. Aigurin

    Flooded Gaming b1 b1

    This map was made in 6-7 hours. Contains music, but how turn it on? known bug: cap hud has something like a timer (like in DegrootKeep)
  4. Squidant

    vsh_DeerDuct 1.0

    An experiment in Saxton Hale level design, where the main balancing comes from making sure the players AND the Hale have room to move, while also giving the normal mercs the chance to fight back. It was pretty fun to work with! Make sure to explore the horrible, close quarters ventilation system...
  5. Cinnamon

    Treasure Trove Cove v3

    Here it is, Treasure Trove Cove ported and recreated for Versus Saxton Hale! The trade version, the original version, has been worked on constantly so a second version of the map has been made for vsh as well. Changes were made around the map to accommodate for said gamemode, being: Interiors...
  6. jelly?

    vsh_cosmos_b4 2022-02-05

    First release of vsh_cosmos! woohoo! Love saxton hale mode and astronomy? ur gonna love my nutts. Made with the motive to create something spacy, and learned a lot whilst creating the map too. Please feel free to report bugs here so I can try to fix them in the next update. Hope you like it...
  7. jailson mendes

    Vsh_ravine_water 2021-10-03

    Bruh this map SUcks bro
  8. Nobo

    Planktown a4

    VSH map in a sawmill/thunder mountain inspired style. Features: Map Hazard - Mannhattan Styled Grinder, deals 2k-3k dmg and, if the hale falls in, breaks for the remainder of the round. Pickups - Follows a more liberal approach to pickup distribution. Considerably more generous than arena...
  9. Cyberen

    VSH_Bubblegloop v2

    This Versus Saxton Hale map is inspired by Banjo-Kazooie's Bubblegloop Swamp! Unlike that swamp, this version has water safe to tread in, back alleys and more areas to explore! Mr. Vile not included.
  10. DoktorWojna

    vsh_przekop_a3 a3

    Map inspired by the project "Shipping canal on the Wiślana Spit". Still work in progress.
  11. Ken

    vsh_four_square_2 a1

    The map is a square with four sides. Each side has a main color and the opposite color is ether health and ammo or a jump pad. It a very small map. Specifically 2688 HU wide. It has a very tall sky box. Every wall on the map is a dev texture.
  12. mintoyatsu

    vsh_mariokart v5

    This is a new unique map designed for the VSH gamemode and is not a port. Tested with VSH2 plugin and default bosses. Map Credits: Xenon - Textures Archanor - Textures, Models
  13. Dayornight

    [VSH] Shipment V1.01

    First map I made that's not a rework of an existing map, but on the other hand it's a recreation of the "Shipment" map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I thought it would work well in Saxton Hale. Small, action packed map with some verticality thrown in there! As always, I'll try to keep it...
  14. Dayornight

    [VSH] Grid Walls Reworked V1.02

    Reworked this map in a couple of hours, thought it could use it. Improved features have been posted below! + Color coded design with arrows, allowing for easier navigation + Improved textures + Smoother door transitions + Extra props and decals + Extra health and ammo kits + Optimizations...
  15. Harritron

    Intrusion RC2

    A remake of cp_intrusion for VS. Saxton Hale! Welcome to another one of Saxton Hale’s wild wacky adventures! This action-packed issue features Australia’s favourite infiltrate a secret RED base in the jungle, punching mercenaries to their doom! A mercenary dies every two seconds! Features...
  16. Dayornight

    [VSH] Rats Saxy Reworked V2

    I quite enjoyed the RatsSaxy map, but thought it could use some textures, props and (definitely) some cleaning. So for the past 2 days I've been revamping this whole map and this is the result. It's also my first remake so don't go too hard on me, haha. :p Original map creator: sh1n0b1 Some...
  17. shrekANDminions

    vsh_gravedad a2

    Based from the game "Rakion". It's a big map were mercs have a small reduction to gravity. When they drop in the underground section, gravity is set to normal. Hale is not affected by the reduction of gravity. White spots indicate launchpads that shoot players up into the air, either to reach...
  18. ☣ DzoT ☣

    vsh_minegay_remastered 2019-08-05

    Original author - Can't beat air man
  19. shrekANDminions

    submundo a7

    Based on the map "submundo" from the game Rakion and believed to be made by bluemarble team. it's a small enclosed dungeon with 3 levels and a moderate use of portals. Designed exclusively for versussaxtonhale mode. Special thanks to TF2maps' Discord server for helping me with hammer.
  20. Muenster Monster

    Hothead a3

    EDIT AT THE TIME OF POSTING THIS: The hale's spawn is far too close to the middle, given the fact it's the only option for reds to go to. An update will be made shortly to address this problem. A revival of an old map concept of mine (in the form of koth_lavafactory), I've repurposed the open...