vsh_mariokart v5

VSH/FF2 map inspired by classic TF2 Mario Kart maps.

  1. mintoyatsu
    This is a new unique map designed for the VSH gamemode and is not a port.

    Tested with VSH2 plugin and default bosses.

    Map Credits:
    Xenon - Textures
    Archanor - Textures, Models


    1. hl2_X4TqN9SuZp.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. MastahDizzy
    Version: v5
    Considering I've played this map often on VSH servers for a good chunk of time, I definitely gotta say I like how the layout allows for different classes to move around the Hale, while the boss can reposition from one section of the map to another a bit faster, thanks to the layout using more heights than width.

    The visual style also feel, as expected, very nostalgic, with a good amount of visual jokes and references incorporated, while maintaining the gameplay fairly readable, despite the chaotic feel that old-school Mario Kart maps had obviously.

    The fighting is overall pretty straight forward, although the cloud on the top of the level design can allow for a fair bit of stalling if left unchecked by the boss, since players can attack through it (due to it being an intangible platform), and the Engie Nest can also become fairly difficult to break through without rage (although using loopable taunts can get real useful to prevent Huntsmens from locking you down, although it is unintuitive to perform Taunt Stun Canceling for less experienced players).

    The Hale can also visibly stall and fish within the Bottom Pipe or any spawn, although it can sadly be said from a lot of VSH maps !

    On a more positive note, the boost panels are a big time game changer since the boss can use the momentum from Super Jump to gain drastic speed with it, while the other players can use movement options of their own to throw the Hale off both through these same panels, or thanks to the different platform from within the layout, making the map pretty clean for movement mix-ups, although not very noob-friendly.

    At the end of the day, the map have some flaws, who may partially exist due to the way VSH works in most servers, but as far as it goes, it's a pretty fun map to play on, and some of its quirks can make it especially unique to tackle a fight within, whether it is for its nostalgia factor, or for the options the layout gives you !