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vsh_cosmos_b4 2022-02-05


First release of vsh_cosmos! woohoo! Love saxton hale mode and astronomy? ur gonna love my nutts. Made with the motive to create something spacy, and learned a lot whilst creating the map too.

Please feel free to report bugs here so I can try to fix them in the next update.

Hope you like it. :D Share / like / comment if you want <3

credits: jelly (STEAM_0:1:51284203), oh (STEAM_0:1:29390369).

Changelog -

- Added crater. now we are on a floating space rock! destination? we're f**ked! More to 3d skybox..
- Added clip on the water so it doesn't prevent fall damage. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- Added stun to launchers to prevent abusing/strafing. (thanks Sooper)
- Added additional highground in useless tenting area.
- Added additional entrance/room under gaben room and added ladder entrance to gaben room with breakable floor.
- Removed some more particles. Lord Gaben FPS me!
- Adjusted box hideout inside pyramid to be bigger and added second crouch entrance.
- Adjusted ambient lightning.
- Adjusted fog a bit for a cleaner visual.
- Adjusted main walking areas so less clutter/getting stuck on objects.
- Adjusted shadows.
- Improved entrance of glass room. (no more jumping, just crouch in)
- Halved rotation speed of space to prevent motion sickness for some.
- Changed most goofy props (banana, watermelon, etc) in skybox into rocks (to prevent errors for some people).
- Changed standard skybox to one that actually works with r_3dsky 0 for fps users.
- Slightly reduced launcher speed on sniper rock.
- Balanced out some health/ammo packs.
- Fixed player clipping issues in many places.
- Both sniper walkways above the river are now breakable.
- Made gabens slightly more audible. °͜ʖ°

- Removed many flame/fire/moonrock particles to improve performance. (Thanks Sooper)
- Adjusted lighting in exchange for the removal of flame/fire areas.
- Adjusted fog to make it feel more spacey ^_^
- Adjusted pillar behind GaBeN pyramid for access to border pillars.
- Added a few more props/spots.
- Added a few extra small ammo and health kits throughout.

- Reduced particles/fog to improve performance.
- Optimized rooms/hallways to further improve performance. (Thanks Sooper)
- Changed map wall border to non solid and added player clips. (Thanks Sooper)
- Adjusted lighting for better visuals.
- Removed 1 booster ramp on top of outside rock to that leads players to pillars.
- Reduced boost speed on all booster ramps to make it easier for Hale to catch players (so that Red team doesn't abuse it).
- Fixed alignment of a few textures/rocks. (for ocd players like me XD)
- Fixed displacements on main ground not aligning with middle areas.
- Added a few extra props in random spots.
- Added more Ammo and Health packs (Thanks Sooper)

- Initial release.
First release
Last update
Versus Saxton Hale (SourceMod)