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Treasure Trove Cove v3

Treasure Trove Cove ported and recreated into TF2 for VSH!

Here it is, Treasure Trove Cove ported and recreated for Versus Saxton Hale! The trade version, the original version, has been worked on constantly so a second version of the map has been made for vsh as well.

Changes were made around the map to accommodate for said gamemode, being:
  • Interiors removed.
  • Lockups permanently closed, but can launch yourself up with when hit or shot at.
  • Arrow-textured buttons on specific surfaces for launching yourself up onto higher platforms.
  • Wooden bridges in place of large platform gaps, to help out slower classes.
  • Red feathers and empty honeycombs used as health kits and blue eggs as ammo boxes.

List of general mechanics that will appear in this and other BK maps of mine as well:
  • Flight Pad launching players upward followed by temporary increased air movement and temporary marked for death
  • Shock Jump Pad launching players upward with temporary increased air movement
  • Saved progress of specific collectables across maps (W.I.P.)

If you're looking for the whole and original experience of this map with collectables, interiors, and jinjos included, wait for the trade version to release later on!

Alternative GameBanana download: https://gamebanana.com/mods/374122

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