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Arena Backside Alpha 1

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Arena Backside Alpha 1

An arena map thats also designed to be played in both vsh and ff2

Hello everyone, Arena Backside is a map for arena mode but also for vsh/ff2 mode (Versus Saxton Hale/Freak Fortress 2). The map is in the alpha stage, and along the way I will update it with suggestions from the public as well as my ideas. The map currently looks quite bad visually, but it is playable. The details are missing, the beauty is missing, maybe the balance is also missing, I tried to make it as balanced as possible for both teams. I hope there are no massive bugs that can negatively influence the game.

My idea for the map is like this: an illegal warehouse dealing with counterfeit ammunition and explosives, equally controlled by both sides but when the clock strikes 12, the war begins between the 2 teams, red and blue/Saxton Hale and the other weirdos of its.
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    Blue Courtyard.jpg
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