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[VSH] Rats Saxy Reworked V2

Revised Saxton Hale map including a main indoors area with a medium sized outside area.

I quite enjoyed the RatsSaxy map, but thought it could use some textures, props and (definitely) some cleaning. So for the past 2 days I've been revamping this whole map and this is the result.

It's also my first remake so don't go too hard on me, haha. :p

Original map creator: sh1n0b1
Some ideas from his Ratssaxy Remake: Falki
Testing & Feedback: Chae, Heather, Racer911-1

Original map: Click here

I'll try to keep it up to date so any feedback is definitely welcome!
First release
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Versus Saxton Hale
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Latest updates

  1. Recommended update 2.0

    [Overhaul] Overhauled the main area [Overhaul] Overhauled the back area [Improvement] Added playerclips so you get stuck on less often [Addition] Added water back around the control point [Addition] Added a teleport trigger if you somehow...
  2. Optional update 1.55i

    [Addition] Added tribute for Rick May
  3. Recommended update 1.55h

    [Addition] Added a new elevated area outside, accessible via a ladder [Addition] Added a roof to the small hut outside [Addition] Added a couple of cacti outside [Addition] Added small rocks and pebbles near the big rocks outside [Addition] Added...