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  1. Cyberen


    I'm making this big map with seven prefabs and I've been very careful about not leaking, but I run the map and get this leak from the pointfile. There's nothing there and even worse, the leaking point is off the grid so I can't even make a box around it for safe keeping! What do I do?
  2. Incredible Donk

    Wall won't render but its there in hammer

    I'm not sure what to do about this. Both are brush entities and there are no area portals near by.
  3. Billo

    Weird leaking effect happening on my map for no reason.

    So, I was detailing sharkbay, i added roofs and stuff to many buildings so there are not flat anymore and I added some details as well, i thought this area close to the spawn needs to have a fence overlooking outside to give it a feel of depth. I run the game but i notice the skybox leaks BUT...
  4. Simon.R.K

    Bsp file not creating

    Hi i made a map with leaks but for some reason it was still updating. But when i changed something with the ground it stoped updating/creating a bsp file. I was posting the log on Interlopers and it always responses with fix the leak. But i dont have a pointfile which could tell me where the...
  5. Paulsy B. Rapper

    prop_static Leaking Into Map, But Not Near Void

    Some fence prop_statics are claimed by the compile log to be leaking, even after I move them several hammer units above the ground, where they are suspended in mid-air. Deleting the fence that the red line is attached to doesn't help, it just moves to another one. I've tried...
  6. Werewolf

    [Solved] Props "leaking" from sealed map

    When I try to compile my map, it keeps telling me that various props are outside of the map: Static prop models/props_lights/light_fluorescent_basement.mdl outside the map (3152.00, -4280.00, 224.00) Static prop models/props_spytech/control_room_console02.mdl outside the map (3112.00, -3776.00...
  7. Qersojan

    Unexplainable Map Leak?

    I am about finished the first alpha version of my map, and just recently copy and rotated the map to create the red side. While testing I noticed the lighting was different, it wasn't bouncing and it was all direct lighting. This is a sign of a map leak so I checked the compile and sure enough I...
  8. gwd. Ķ-Ő-₣-Ť˺

    Leak but no cause?

    Hey, I've been having some ongoing issues with leaks in my map. For a while I had some very strange point file readings that seemed completely random, however I got that issue fixed. My new problem is that now I can't even load a point file, it doesn't exist, which I thought meant there were no...
  9. gwd. Ķ-Ő-₣-Ť˺

    Mystery leak in nothing

    Hi, I'm making a koth map, and have been having very few problems up until I started adding displacements. Up until before I did this there were no problems with leaks. I know that displacements can spell trouble for leaks and things, but for the life of me I can't figure it out. When I load a...
  10. A

    Chunks missing in map, Hammer says there is a leak

    Hello, somehow Hammer shows me that there is a leak, but in reality there is none. When I compile and start the map, randomly something is gone, for example the spawn point and I'm spawning in the middle of nowhere. I know that this is most at the time the result of having this "dot" outside the...
  11. XEnderFaceX

    Leak in my Map?

    Hi For some reason my map aparently Leaks? I dont use AreaPortals, so its not that they leak when i go to Map ---> Load Pointfile, it doesnt show me a leak. How to fix?
  12. nayðef

    Help and suggestions about my map

    Hello everyone. My name is naydef and I'm new user here and hopefully someone can help me and give me tips about my map. Map name: vsh_doom_town_a1 The map I'm creating is for FF2. It's the second map i'm creating and I'm stuck with impossible to find leak. I don't know what to do. I can't...
  13. Billo

    the red line for a leak is outside the map so i dont know what is causing the problem

    i am almost done with a new version of cliffedge and i redone the skybox and stuff just to make it better and stuff. i finished it and i saw that i succeded in doing so. no more leaks on the map caused by a prop for example getting out from the map to the void so i decided lets redo the red...
  14. bestiebest

    [SOLVED] I need some help W/ Leaks.

    So, I was making a map. It was going fine, no errors to account for. But later, something happens. I get a leak from a water tower prop. I move it about, and it doesn't fix it. Eventually, I get tired of it, and delete the prop. That was the only leak. And then, suddenly, another prop is said...
  15. quekki

    why are my entities leaked?

    i just checked my compile log on interlopers and it says that an entity is leaked. if i remove that entity and compile + check the compile log again, there is another error which says that a certain entity is leaked. it seems like they are all leaked. what did i do wrong? they are completely...
  16. Sonitrok

    [Question] About pointfile pointing where there is no leak.

    I'm working on my map, the log says there's a leak, so i go to the coordinates he gives me and load the pointfile, but it points to a place where there is absolutly no leak, not even around. My map still crashes when i load it so i guess there is still leaks, but the pointfile shows me absolutly...
  17. suber36g

    Leaked, but no coordinates. Help?

    I'm making a map and i got this problem. It say it leaked but there is no coordinates and it doesn't have a Pointfile nor a Portal File, But it look fine in both Hammer and TF2. Here the info: ** Executing... ** Command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress...
  18. T.A.R.F.U in A.W.R

    (Solved) Pointfile going through a skybox brush?

    I was compiling a map that me and a friend are working on with VBCT and It stopped the compile saying there was a leak, so i go load the pointfile only to see this: Can anybody here tell me what this means?
  19. Sp00k

    (SOLVED) Unable to find and fix leak in my map

    When I compile my map, it says that the entity nearest to the leak (wherever that actually is) has leaked. It can be a trigger, a spawn point, or any other entity. However I am unable to actually find where the entity is. The pointfile shows the line going from the leaking entity to one of the...
  20. FloofCollie

    An entity in my map is leaking... but it doesn't exist...?

    Hi, all! It's me again, with another nooby question! So, I shambled together my very first map over the past two weeks, and I've pretty much finished the first Alpha stage. However, upon a compile, the Compile Process Window tells me there's an entity that's leaking. Thanks to Crash's Compiler...