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  1. Sp00k

    (SOLVED) Unable to find and fix leak in my map

    When I compile my map, it says that the entity nearest to the leak (wherever that actually is) has leaked. It can be a trigger, a spawn point, or any other entity. However I am unable to actually find where the entity is. The pointfile shows the line going from the leaking entity to one of the...
  2. FloofCollie

    An entity in my map is leaking... but it doesn't exist...?

    Hi, all! It's me again, with another nooby question! So, I shambled together my very first map over the past two weeks, and I've pretty much finished the first Alpha stage. However, upon a compile, the Compile Process Window tells me there's an entity that's leaking. Thanks to Crash's Compiler...
  3. Simulacron

    A leak that doesn't exit

    A week ago I posted a thread about a leak that doesn't existed, that could only be fixed by copying the hole map into a new file. I started a new map but now the same Problem appears again. What can I do to fix this?
  4. Simulacron

    weird leak

    While I was compiling my map I saw in my compile log that my map is leaked, the wierd Thing is that the pointfile is going throught solid walls (no, their not func_detail). The Position of the leak was also changing after I recompiled the map and recreate the brush were the pointfile went...
  5. MrAurora

    Displacement causing leaks

    I added displacements and I loaded the map up. I loaded the point file and saw that a prop was leaking, yet it was inside the map. The leak was going through a displacement. It was not going through a yellow line, I used power 4 of displacements. Here is the compile log: ** Executing... **...
  6. Werewolf

    Visiblity problem

    This is probably an easy fix that I'm sure has been asked and solved before, but I couldn't think how to describe the problem. Basically in 2 locations of my map, I can see a room that I'm not supposed to see. These 2 areas are the same, just mirrored. But I only see this error in these 2 areas...
  7. MrAurora

    Leaking but not leaking map.

    Answereed I was making a map to play with my friend in Hammer and I got to detailing the dev textures. When I was going to test it I had a leak. I tried to fix it by deleted the prop so it wouldn't leak. Then It went to the next prop and the next. Now I'm at the light_environment entity. Here...