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  1. NutRubber

    Trouble with 3rd Party Props

    Hi there, I've been tinkering with Hammer the past couple weeks and have been developing a test map which is basically a house disguised as nothing but a glorified cube. I downloaded community made props for the map to add more variety. I asked a friend if she could upload the map to her server...
  2. SteveN

    How can I make a func_rotating behave like this?

    Hi, I'm working on a pretty sizeable hammer project and have run into a problem; I need a func_rotating to behave like in the attached demonstration but I can't get it to work, I know I could maybe use logic relays to make it switch but that would require a button and I'd like the movement to be...
  3. The Siphon

    Skins for a model doesn't work

    I've been working on a model for the 72hr jam. It's a cereal box with 2 bodygroups and 2 skins. The issue is that the second skin doesn't work. It only shows the red skin, has the option to change the skin, but when changing to the blue skin, it doesn't work. Only red skin shows up, even with...
  4. Lokk iz a skul

    Issues compiling

    I had recently made some big changes in one of my Maps that I was working on, and I saved and compiled it. However, when I loaded into the map, it retained its previous state. I tried saving it separately and compiling it again but it just said that it couldn't find the new saved version of the...
  5. XEnderFaceX

    Some files are missing

    Hi, im working on a new Update for my Map, Wildpond. When i compile a Map, i set the Additional game parameters to: -toconsole -dev -always -hijack -novid -sv_cheats 1 i have always used these parameters, but for some reason this Error Message popped up: When i have already opened tf, then i...
  6. Jack5

    KOTH countdown does not happen, point activates without warning

    Hi there everybody. I'm having an issue with my map that appears to be unresolved, as I'm unable to find any concrete solution to the problem. This thread is the most accurate information I have, and it is not enough to help me out. Basically what is happening is that in my map KOTH Tools, the...
  7. Gravidea

    Map Compiling Problems

    So I recently started working on pkmn_sootopoliscity_a1 (which I mentioned in another thread) but I soon noticed I was having trouble compiling the map to test in Hammer. I even tried messing around with the Expert Settings and changing the RAD to Fast but to no avail. It says not respond when I...
  8. ficool2

    How would I create a quonset building in Hammer?

    I want to make this building in a map I have no idea where I would begin on how to make this building shape. I tried making an arch, however I was stuck on how to make the front/back walls to cover the arch holes. I attempted by merging the inside vertices of the arch into one but it created...
  9. AlphaOwl

    How do you include custom textures within your maps?

    Hi there. I've been working on a map ( and apparently someone has mentioned that resources I've used from the Frontline pack are missing during play. Is it possible that I can include the textures in somehow? Thanks.
  10. Scampi

    Displacements refuse to sew

    It seems I can almost never get any displacements I touch to sew. The command might as well be magic to me. Even worse, at the moment I'm in a tight spot. I've got this panel on my zeppelin that refuses to join with its neighbors. If it can't be joined, I might as well just delete most of the...
  11. AlbinoMunchkin

    Water Lighting Issue / Solid Water at Certain Angles

    Hello TF2Maps community! My friend noticed a weird lighting problem with some water and was wondering if it was only on his end / the build he made. I decided to take a look at the build he sent me previously, and this is what is seen from both sides. If anyone can help figure out what is...
  12. Scampi

    Help with making trains louder

    Hello again. I've been testing my subterranean koth map for awhile, and it features minecarts that travel along rails to help balance powerful high ground areas. The problem is, feedback always states that they are too quiet. I've cranked up the sound on the func_train entity to maximum, and...
  13. AlphaOwl

    Issue with .bsp file [SOLVED]

    Hi there. So I've been working on this map, and decided to give it a compile. However, it appears that during compilation, it runs into a command that has "the system cannot find the file specified.", so I looked around and found that my map file didn't appear in my tf/maps folder. I was gonna...
  14. Scampi

    Issue with Ambient Generic

    I'm having this problem with an ambient_generic in my map. Whenever it plays its sound, it plays it at even volume throughout the entire map despite what I set the Max Audible Distance is set to. I checked the flags, and Play Everywhere is NOT checked. What's going on here?
  15. notpingas

    Problems with func_respawnroomvisualizer

    Sorry in advance for the link to pictures instead of site images. I'm trying to make a door prefab to copy all kinds of doors to other maps. While the RED respawn door here works just fine, there is a problem with seeing the respawn room visualizer. I created it via the Texture Application...
  16. Billo

    the red line for a leak is outside the map so i dont know what is causing the problem

    i am almost done with a new version of cliffedge and i redone the skybox and stuff just to make it better and stuff. i finished it and i saw that i succeded in doing so. no more leaks on the map caused by a prop for example getting out from the map to the void so i decided lets redo the red...
  17. Billo

    game freezes when you sellect a class.

    long story short , i am redoing almost all my map (pl_cliffedge) and that means i have to move stuff or delete many buildins/areas which explains the problem i have maybe. well i can compile the map , launch tf2 , join the map and when it finishes loading and you can press continue everything...
  18. Chromsmith

    Importing custom model issue.

    So. For a couple of weeks I had an issue with importing models with their textures from Nintendo into the source engine. Doe I managed to get the model itself and it's texture separately into engine , I cannot bring them togheter in one piece. The model it is suppose to be a skybox rigged from...
  19. Rerun

    env_cubemap issue

    So I have this issue. I am currently making a Dodgeball map for a server. I am using a custom texture and I want it to be reflective. But the problem is that when I put in the cubemaps the custom texture turns into a missing texture. I am watching at tutorial on reflections and I followed it...
  20. bestiebest

    [SOLVED] I need some help W/ Leaks.

    So, I was making a map. It was going fine, no errors to account for. But later, something happens. I get a leak from a water tower prop. I move it about, and it doesn't fix it. Eventually, I get tired of it, and delete the prop. That was the only leak. And then, suddenly, another prop is said...