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F1 Fan
Aug 18, 2015

im working on a new Update for my Map, Wildpond.
When i compile a Map, i set the Additional game parameters to: -toconsole -dev -always -hijack -novid
-sv_cheats 1
i have always used these parameters, but for some reason this Error Message popped up:
When i have already opened tf, then i can compile without a Problem. Whats the fix?

I also have an issue with compiling my Cubemaps, Cubemaps always worked for me, but just like the first issue, this one also just popped up for no reason.
When i type buildcubemaps into the Console, the Console tells me: Can`t load vtex_dll.dll

i cant release this Version without compiling the Cubemaps, the signs and some Props look weird when the Cubemaps arent compiled. :/

How can i fix this?



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