game freezes when you sellect a class.

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Feb 8, 2016
long story short , i am redoing almost all my map (pl_cliffedge) and that means i have to move stuff or delete many buildins/areas which explains the problem i have maybe. well i can compile the map , launch tf2 , join the map and when it finishes loading and you can press continue everything works fine. i can even spectate to problem there, but when i choose a team and then a class the game freezes. i tried copying the map and pasting on a new vmf just to see if it fixes itself but still i have the same problem. its the first ever time i had this issue and i dont know what causes it . also i forgot to mention i moved the map on the grid a few times and i recompiled each time in order to test it if it gets fixed but still nothing.
i would be very happy if i could get an aswear regarding my problem as soon is possible so i can continue working on the map and finally release the new version which i really want to see if it works good. thanks for your help.


Back from the dead (again)
Apr 25, 2009
Since the issue is happening when the game tries to spawn you, it sounds like there's an issue with your spawnpoints or game entity logic. As it's a payload map, it may be related to the cart or your path_tracks. A few things you can check:
- Make sure your start and end path_tracks don't loop back around to eachother (this causes a crash)
- Make sure the payload cart itself has the correct path_track to spawn at, and is set in the properties of the func_tracktrain
- Make sure your spawn points are valid (not in the ground, there's enough of them etc.)