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  1. Freeze

    func_door problems

    am trying to make a koth map where if team 1 caps a bridge open to a pitfall on reds side if team 2 caps same on there side so if red had the point and blue bridge was open and they cap i want the bridge to close but idk how
  2. Depressed Boi

    Labor town 1.2.0

    The level consists of two points or bases namely red base and blue base where the players start their game from. The red base are the ones defending their base and the blue base are pushing the payload towards red. The route of the payload goes through the level but interaction zones are at...
  3. ArtZ

    Coaltrench a3

    Coaltrench focuses on high ground surrounding the point with a path underneath the point to create dynamic fights. Mainly inspired by Highpass and the hope to make a better KOTH map than Overlook.

    Pitfall A2

    Now 98.2% less sightline issues! Hopefully! Koth_pitfall is a map which draws inspiration from established KoTh design principles with a twist in the mid point. Featuring a big ol' pit in right below the point and a small underground section, this map plays a fair bit with verticality and...
  5. Owli

    Pipe Works A1

    This map was inspired by a picture I took at work of pipes being dug up
  6. Kiglirs

    Medieval kiglirs_mc22 a1a

    My entry for MC22 Solids used: 167
  7. T

    arena_Bridgeyard72hr 2022-07-24

    A simple Arena Map made for the 72hr jam with fights resolving around a bridge
  8. Lev1679

    VIP_Dover B3

    "Civilian has returned to his native lands with an attempt to escape from the RED team, but alas, they overtook him there as well! Escort him through the old victorian streets of the small town next to the sea." vip_dover, A map i've made specifically for TF2C with the VIP gamemode. Its a 3CP...
  9. a_person_159

    Catwalk A1

    This is my first map (that I finished, anyway). Pretty happy with the layout so far. It's set in an industrial complex, but it isn't super tight. Playable area is similar to that of Viaduct. Lore TBA :p
  10. BadassCook

    Garage A1

    My first tf2 map, Konk King themed ctf map located near coastline, where mercenaries trying to steal some cars.
  11. Owli

    Gravel Works a7

    This map was a test run on hammer ++ to get what's the difference with it. Naturally, I had no ideas of what to make so I kept building until something playable came about. I was probably inspired by viaduct dusbowl and highpass. The map itself is about highpass size, rotational symmetry...
  12. cupcaaakes

    plr_ironbridge_stage3 A2A

    Super early first test, I'd even more call it a concept. Maybe this goes somewhere. This is Ironbridge (Name not final). I plan on having this as a three-stage Payload Race map, however, I'd like to have every stage playtested to perfection before I add any more stages. I hope you guys like...
  13. Clone5184

    Drybridge a3

    A King of the Hill map made for the 2020 72hr Summer Jam. The control point's on a bridge! Go cap it.
  14. MirScout

    gravebyss A1_002

    Open dev textured wide and with cliffs map reporting! Used: Frontline pack; Arrows pack Birbs Some mumble... dev textures. I cant find dat, forgive me T_T "I love this map." credit: ME
  15. coWolves

    RubbleYard A10

    Both teams will be forced to meet together inside the main building on intersecting paths. The map is simple in design. the main route is strait forward and takes you to the enemy base. The second option will give you more cover, and has 2 exits plus a cat walk leading outside. With the second...
  16. I Darkstar X

    Suspension Bridge A1.2

    Trying my hand at another map project. Payload this time, since I enjoy mapping for that gamemode over any others. It is, or will be, fairly large, but dense enough that the issue of scale is nullified. The centerpiece being a large suspension bridge over some murky water. The payload begins...
  17. Ovalos™

    koth_Stock B1

    A small KOTH map with a good amount of verticality and a water section in the middle. Originally named stockpile, I changed the name because there was another map already using it (Although I didn't find it on the workshop so I didn't notice). The map is a bit underdetailed, but I think the...
  18. Mess About

    radiation a1

    a small (probably underscale) ctf map with a small gimmick : players can attack each other from their intel rooms through a small window (quite a sightline, just make sure to avoid going under the bridge) overview: middle area: attacking route: intel room:
  19. Barion

    Brash a5b

    King of the hill map located in a forest. Red team spawns in a mining cave while Blue in an old castle. The control point is a bridge across the river. The map features torches that are used as a lighting source and can be used by huntsman snipers to light up their arrows.
  20. DrLinnerd

    Alpine V1

    A warehouse in the alpines. A basic KOTH map with a flank door that opens for the team that doesn't have the cap.