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Labor town 1.2.0

No one lives here, they just work.

The level consists of two points or bases namely red base and blue base where the players start their game from. The red base are the ones defending their base and the blue base are pushing the payload towards red. The route of the payload goes through the level but interaction zones are at multiple areas to make sure either team can strategize and attack/defend.

The Map and its layout is Designed in a way where it can cater multiple Character classes of Team Fortress 2. In every section you can find areas that can be utilized by different class abilities, some examples can be seen here for various classes.

What's special?
- The Map Consists of 2 Checkpoints for the Payload between checkpoint 1 and 2 there can be seen a Bridge that Connects both creating a shortcut route to save time and to add on to the map dynamics.
As starters the Bridge is to be closed as default as it is also under construction, however classes that are swift and can really jump such as Scouts, Soldier and Demo man have the advantage to cross it while it is closed. However the logic behind the bridge is that once the first checkpoint is triggered its doors open up until the next is triggered.
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Depressed Boi
First release
Last update

Latest updates

  1. New Stuff

    - Added a new sniper nest above the bridge - new sniper nest connection from building 2 and bridge - bridge gates size increased - removed and adjusted some machinaries from factory - added a new window at the factory - readjusted some...
  2. Polishing and bug fix

    - Edited blue side roof area with brush - Adjusted skybox light - removed watch tower and replaced it with cover and shaded area - back lane is now closed - removed some more props and replaced them with brushes - change the environment look a...
  3. Bug fix

    Blue team spawner roof bug when game mode starts