plr_ironbridge_stage3 A2A

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plr_ironbridge_stage3 A2A

Blow up the enemy's roof in this very windy Payload Race map.

Super early first test, I'd even more call it a concept. Maybe this goes somewhere.

This is Ironbridge (Name not final). I plan on having this as a three-stage Payload Race map, however, I'd like to have every stage playtested to perfection before I add any more stages.

I hope you guys like it, making the logic work was not easy. Please tell me what you think and what I could improve on!
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Payload Race

Latest updates

  1. A2A

    Just a few minor fixes for a retest. -Fixed the floating sign. -Added a crate to jump back up on the roof from. -Altered a bit of geometry to make sniping the enemy spawn from your own spawn much harder.
  2. A2

    Lots of updates to my map that I did instead of studying for my test. Got my priorities straight, I know I know. -Brand-new building separating the loop from the spawn doors so you can't just camp the cart from your spawn. -New and improved...
  3. A1C1

    Fixed the bug that was in the ABS prefabs about RED not being able to block BLU's capture thanks to this thread: Payload Race Single Stage Fixed Prefab | Removed cacti because people hate fun :( Fixed respawn visualizers Made the...