Gravel Works

Gravel Works a7

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Gravel Works a7

with a lot of slopes, changing highground and water it's hard not get carried away rocket jumping

This map was a test run on hammer ++ to get what's the difference with it. Naturally, I had no ideas of what to make so I kept building until something playable came about. I was probably inspired by viaduct dusbowl and highpass. The map itself is about highpass size, rotational symmetry, containing a mid with a bridge (similar to highpass) with a health pack under it and water spilling from the drains. from the underpass, there is a route going up that leads to a one way door to the enemy's battlements.
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Point Tweaked

    -point was tweaked to make it more approachable and interesting to play on -this shack got moved to block sightlines -metal fences added to block sightlines -new routes through buildings added -rock added to the middle of main to slit it in...
  2. oops

    wrong bsp
  3. Hiatus

    I did a lot that I can't remember so here are some screenshots...