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RubbleYard A7

Take a quick trip to the enemy base on intersecting paths with the enemy.

  1. coWolves
    The offending teams will be forced to meet together regardless off whether or not they take the main strait forward rout or the second floor (bridge) they will meet for a fight. Beyond that point you will then struggle to beat the enemy's defenses and reach the Intel. Its not far and out in the open so its entirely up to the opposers to stop you.
    Ot Cam C.jpg
    If you take the primary rout you will be lead directly to the enemy base where they will have both the high ground, and several buildings offering both sentry and sniper support (The price of such an easy rout).

    By taking the second rout you have several options when offending. The path splits off into 3 routs. On the left you will have more cover but you are in a corner. Taking the right rout offers leads you to a open slope, in the field of view of snipers but gives you a nice wooden wall for cover and little fear of being corner peaked. By taking the cat walk as a engineer and sniper you will be led to a In Cam C.jpg room only accessible via the way you came in, and the catwalk while wide out in the open dose offer snipers to counter the more fortified opponents. The room itself can make for a good teleporter room but be careful! The walls of that room are glass and leave you all to detectable to enemy's so be ready for a extermination team at any moment, there is no way out.

    The main routs not difficult, laying down some sentry's and taking advantage off the high ground is easy. Besides that you have the giant rolling shudder shielding you from the enemy's sight line making it easy to catch them off guard.

    As for the second story rout, high ground is still probably on your side and more than anything should encourage engineers to take a step from spawn to hold the enemy's back from picking a rout of their choosing.
    Taking control of the bridge will also immensely help in halting the enemy's advances, off course however you are in the intersection of both routs which the enemy must break past and your out in the open so be careful.

    Final notes:
    This is the first map Ive made, (technically second for experimentation). Been having lots of fun for this being my first time.

    Ot Cam C.jpg So as said before, I'm still a noob at this kind of thing, this is my first upload and I'm hoping to obtain some lessons and feed back that will help me in designing maps later on down the road.

    Also, If you had any ideas for what the name of the map could be, that would be greatly appreciated. RubbleYard doesn't make any sense but it's the best Ive got so far.


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