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Drybridge a3

Bridge in a building, nothing else to see.

A King of the Hill map made for the 2020 72hr Summer Jam.
The control point's on a bridge! Go cap it.
First release
Last update
Previous 72hr Entries

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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 3

    + Added 2 medium ammo packs near the point + All ammo and health now have paint patches under them + Small rooms have been constructed near the point, replacing the sheet metal walls. + Spawn rooms now have ramps leading to the doors + More...
  2. Minor update

    + Added clipping to railings around point * Adjusted position of signs to not overhang on doorways * Changed Capture Point text * Fixed shiny cubemaps
  3. Rename

    Renamed map from Bridgepoint to Drybridge to prevent naming conflicts with a pre-existing map.