Mannbase RC2b

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Mannbase RC2b

The mercs go to space


Current Version: RC1b

Cuba for the blue side asteroid props
VelvetFistIronGlove for the 2D skybox
InvalidNick for some props form their dewm resourcepack
And everyone else that has given me the motivation to continue working on this (alt, catfish, kake, jen, tricka and all the people in and my pug group)

Mannbase Alpha (cp_mannbase) has been a project of mine since late 2019. I started working on it by biting off more than I could chew for my skill level at the time, but I believe the map is now at a playable state.

The map has been inspired by quake maps as well as standard 5cp maps you often see in the rotation. It began as a map that a soldier could go fucking crazy on but as of recent I've strayed away from that for balancing reasons.

Please leave feedback, please pug it, run around it with your friends on a private server, record yourselves shitting on this map while sitting in discord idc
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. RC2b - Can't even count the amount of changes

    So... If you were hoping for a massive update, sorry this ain't it. Various bug fixes, visual overhauls and gameplay changes to areas I could somewhat easily fix up. Gameplay: Opened up choke to allow for more creative jumps. Fixed one sided...
  2. Missing textures lol

  3. Jump pad and fixes

    RC2 Gameplay • Moved mini hp and ammo on last further forward • Added Jump pad on mid • Made ceiling flush in some areas • Removed pimple on last • Simplified lobby • Lowered door into second and detailed probs some other stuff too that im...

Latest reviews

Real good! Will credit you and add it to one of my servers!
Awesome! What server is it?
john madden
well meditated map, interesting flank pushes