Terror 2023-05-06

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Terror 2023-05-06

Meet GONZO (no, not the muppet)! The ancient circus god BONZO's twin brother!

Welcome to Halloween 2020. Meet GONZO (no, not the muppet)! The ancient circus god BONZO's twin brother! RED team has captured it so you as a BLU must destroy it! Deliver the Payload!

In the TF Universe, map is located somewhere between Carnival of Carnage and Gravestone. Have fun!

Map features:

- Dynamic payload track. The track route changes slightly each round.
- Merasmus magic booth, appearing first and last parts of the map. Spellmachine ultimatum maximum!
- Underworld (Gonzoworld) - enter it through coffins that open at midnight! Get rare spells! Watch your surroundings!
- Spellbooks - make your opponents unhappy
- Pumpkin bombs - make your opponent even more unhappy
- Ghosts - make yourself scared
- Random tomfoolery around last area. Kill or be killed!

This map is RC4, still missing some visual things and other things but basically its running fine. Check out the map on Steam workshop for more. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2237031915
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Latest reviews

it's alright nothing too spiecial but the map itslef is very confusing
Its a okay map, the only problem is the amonth of spells and crits... You should update the map and increase the time between merasmus crit event.
With so many ICS maps in the game now, they're starting to get hard to tell apart, especially because they essentially have two identities (ex. pl_millstone_event for Hellstone). Terror skips this identity crisis being created only as a Halloween map, yet still keeps the same compact size of other ICS maps. I believe on the 3rd point, BLU spawn is literally around a corner to the objective, and I feel like these strange design choices are waved off because it's an event map.

And maybe there's merit to that, because those same design choices made some fun stand off moments as a team holding the frontline back. But I am sensing fatigue in the theme where Terror looks the same as Gravestone (Rumble event). And comparing this to other accepted Halloween maps, I don't leave a session of Terror remembering much because there weren't any memorable landmarks, or I didn't engage with them.

This was less apparent when Hellstone was new, but even the last point on this map is another giant pit. I also found an exploit to avoid some conditions of map spells, notably melee only by returning to spawn and changing loadouts to get your weapons back.

I enjoyed playing this though, I just don't have as strong feelings to remember this map by compared to say Megalo (ghost train with the turntable), Cursed Cove (ghost pirate port), or Cauldron (cauldron spells). Terror? Maybe the pit, which has already been done by other maps, and generously the map spells which aren't unique to the map itself. Even the name alone doesn't evoke anything special for me either to recognize this map by.