longboy b2

very long boy

  1. pumpko
    tug of war in one dimension, featuring a very long boy.

    adopted from yrrzy, layout has been completely changed, with some minor major extreme logic adjustments

    this is a serious map

    base layout and majority of the map and detailing by pumpko
    original idea and longboy by yrrzy
    base layout of last and some other things by abp
    original logic taken from ynders/chemelia
    custom handrails by ravidge
    fever skybox by void
    moral support from tumby


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    5. 20210119115555_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: a22a
    i made this
  2. TheBluScout #frontline!
    TheBluScout #frontline!
    Version: a11
    Very TF2 in nature, great gameplay and a unique take on payload.