Quetzal RC5

Welcome to the jungle!

  1. Dayal


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Recent Reviews

  1. g00dDog
    Version: RC5
    Though I gave a low rating, this map has potential. The bots are top heavy- more strength and numbers that detract from the interesting build. The environment is the right size, but the bots come out too strong, protected, and equipped. Sure, we like a challenge, but there is no build-up, no dramatic understanding to keep your interest. So you need more luck than strategy, and you'd better have at least one
    good Pyro and engineer with a well trained sniper. too many giants with too many medics- a cheap way to challenge a team is to simply overwhelm them with more bots than cretor's ability. Still, we tested it, and sometimes we complete it if we don't get so wasted (with random players). We usually end up repeating one of the last 2 waves, and then switching to a good map...like Total War. We like MvM, we like testing maps, and we play well with others. We are not snobby, rude players like Potato servers who kick you out for telling them the map sucks, or the arrogant players. Trust me.