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Terminal B1a

Space-warping, robot-escorting action!

In an effort to finally finish the great moon lumber war of 20XX (see plr_orbit), RED decided to build their own space base as a forward command in the battle, as sending endless waves of bombs to destroy BLU’s equivalent bombs wasn’t working (see plr_orbit). With this, RED hoped to finally secure Lunar Lumber Co. (see plr_orbit).

In an effort to stop RED from gaining control of Lunar Lumber Co. (see plr_orbit), BLU designed a bunch of robots hack RED’s security terminals running the space bases’ defenses. Unfortunately, they were spread across the world and linked via MAGIC satellites. To counter this, BLU constructed a new MEGA-TELEPORTER to distribute the robots quickly and then get to the space base for the final assault.

In an effort to stop BLU for succeeding, RED snuck in and turned the instructions for assembling the MEGA-TELEPORTER upside-down. BLU proceeded to build the MEGA-TELEPORTER upside-down.

In an effort to launch their assault quickly, BLU did not test the teleport before the assault on RED’s space base. This has been widely regarded as a bad move.

In an effort to continue to function while being built upside-down, the MEGA-TELEPORTER did what it does best. It teleported stuff. Instead of teleporting the robots and BLU team to RED’s facilities, however, it teleported all of the different facilities to where BLU team and the robots were.

* * *​

Introducing Robot Escort!
Defend robots, hack computer terminals, and capture the point in this all new game mode! Capture the control point to win! Escort your robots as they slowly head for the computer terminals in groups of three. If any robot reach a terminal, it will be hacked and give an advantage to the attacking team. If time runs out or enough power cores are collected, the defending team wins! (It’s like steel, but with robots that act like self-propelled payloads in place of control points)

Other notes:
A bots have the least heath, while C bots have the most.
A bots drop very few power cores when killed, while C bots drop a lot.
Bots slowly regain heath over time.
When all three bots are killed, the group will respawn at the start of the map.
Once a terminal has been hacked, its corresponding bots will no longer respawn.

* * *​

What’s up with the HUD?
Glad you asked! I tried to make it as intuitive as possible, but there’s only so much I can do with the HUD. On the left is the control point capture thingy. To the right of that is the power core bar, which shows how close Red is to winning by collecting power cores. The required amount is shown below that. The large letters above the bar are the computer terminals. They change color to show when they are captured. Please refer to this image if you don’t get it:


No, I mean how did you do it?

Excellent question! 14bit’s MagicHUD™ is a miracle of modern Source engine technology, using the latest in hacky workarounds and rarely used entities. I’m going to to a writeup on how I did all the logic for the map at some point in the future, but I’ll briefly explain how I did the HUD here in the meantime. It’s basically a highly modified version of the Plyaer Destruction HUD, with some other fancy things tacked on. The PD was coded so it can load a HUD from a .res file at runtime that can be specified in hammer. I created a custom .res file based off of the existing PD/RD one that hides blu’s half of the HUD and (mostly) centers it. The terminal indicators are custom textures that are being displayed via a env_screenoverlay, just like the train on the HUD in cp_snowplow. Each possible combination of terminal ownership has its own texture, as there can be only one env_screenoverlay enabled at a time. Finally, I just stuck in a control point adjusted it’s position to fit correctly. Ta-da! Fancy HUD. (Originally I wanted to use the flag indicator for RD to show how far the bots were in the map, but I couldn’t get it working. Who knows? Maybe someday someone will figure it out.)

Hey, what happened to the fancy mini-map thingy you showed off in the mapping chat a bunch?
I ran out of time. There were so many more gimmicks and jokes that were meant to be included, but due to prior obligations, I did not have time. One of the cut features was the mini-map system. All of the logic for it exists, and some of it is still in the map, but I didn’t have time to integrate the rest of it. It might still be added in a future update!
Added in B1!

The map won’t load/it crashes when I try to play it!
First off, that’s not a question. Second, I have no clue why some people are crashing. Maybe try downloading it from here manually? It’s a large file with lots of custom content, so that might cause some issues. I also messed with the HUD a bunch, so custom HUDs may or may not cause issues. One of my testers (The wondrously talented voice actor Glitchy647) said that it works fine with EVE HUD, so I don’t know. I’ll look into the crashing as soon as I can. Crashing on map load should now be fixed.

As always, thanks for any feedback! This is a strange new gamemode designed as a joke map, but I'll still try to respond to any feedback or questions you have.
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    Made some stuff into func_details Packed a missing texture
  2. B1: The Jokemapening

    Fixed crashing on map load Rebuilt both spawn rooms Added spytech base area Things Stuff Lots of art Minimap finally got added