1. Yrr

    72hr Jam 2023 Card Suit point signs/icons a1

    Red, Blue, and Neutral signs Control Point Overlays (like the ABC on Gravelpit/the ABCDE on Steel) For situations where points need to be labelled but you don't want to introduce confusion by using ordered "ABCD" labels Includes vmf showing how to set up the hud point labels.
  2. Yrr

    Stopwatch main hud icon 0

    Stopwatch hud icon from Sulfur, indicating the final point is a timer instead of a normal control point. The "Main" text is baked into the icon, just as with the Main icon on Steel. How to use Set the HUD icon in the team_control_point entity, using these filenames: The "_locked" variants are...
  3. Yrr

    Smissmas gift icon sprites 1

    icon_gift icon_gift_red icon_gift_blu icon_gift_arrow icon_gift_red_arrow icon_gift_blu_arrow Useful for marking capzones or gift flag spawns etc.
  4. Cameformedals

    Past 72hr Jam Entry My unfinished HUD

    I can't make map so I've decided to join the jam with my unfinished HUD This is the preview of HUD It's currently W.I.P and...
  5. GEORGE__

    Payload progress HUD not working

    This is my first map so expect lots of errors. I am nearing the end of making my map in the least playable as full payload map however I cannot get the payload progress hud to work. At first it only allowed me to go to the first checkpoint and then the game was won for blu. I thought I solved it...
  6. rednico6

    Can menu UI be used to change cameras in a map?

    I want to create a dynamic map background who's view changes as you click on menu buttons. For example, highlighting/clicking MVM mode changes the camera to a scene of RED mercs fighting bots. Picking between PVP gamemodes like payload or KOTH would swap to scenes of BLU mercs pushing a cart, or...
  7. r0nii

    Player destruction hud bug.

    I don't know why but my hud from Player Destruction doesnt work when i open my map in anyway expect opening it by compiling the map. do anyone knows how to fix it or what happends?
  8. r0nii

    Hud doesn't work anymore (solved)

    nevermind. updated .res file and works.
  9. True lemon

    Failed to load resource/UI/GeneratorDefenseHUD.res

    im currently making a custom hud for my map and it works when i run and compile the map, but it doesnt work when i turn on tf2 and load into it. I really need this fixed!! if you know the problem it would be greatly appreciated!
  10. r0nii

    Packing hud into map.

    last time i asked how to make custom hud and someone told me how and send me this tutorial. but i don't know how to make work on the map so that will work only on the map and not on others. and another question. is there a different...
  11. r0nii

    How to make custom hud for map? (solved)

    I have made a map which are bit like capture the flag and are almost done. the flag spawns and 30seconds after the flag spawns will explode and the flag will reset. Its unfair because you don't know when will explode till you will count down. Do anyone knows how to make custom hud and put it...
  12. Emil_Rusboi

    Emil's Custom CP HUD Icons v1

    This is custom control points hud icons for your map. Including: - Tank - Fountain - Wineshop - Church - Barn - Pine Tree - Warehouse - Heart - Bridge - Train - Saxton Hale - Elevator - Platform I was inspired by the game Day of Defeat. Gonna make more if you want. If you need your special...
  13. Jack5

    KOTH countdown does not happen, point activates without warning

    Hi there everybody. I'm having an issue with my map that appears to be unresolved, as I'm unable to find any concrete solution to the problem. This thread is the most accurate information I have, and it is not enough to help me out. Basically what is happening is that in my map KOTH Tools, the...
  14. Vlad

    Hud for a cp+pl hybrid map.

    So, I am currently working on a map where Blu firstly has to capture a point for then a payload cart to come to that point to then be pushed all the way to the end. My problem is that, on my first try, the hud with the capture point did not show at all, but after I captured it the payload hud...
  15. Mystic Monkey

    Custom HUD icons

    What I originally wanted was my own set of "Wheel of Fate" like icons to appear on your HUD under certain triggers. However, browsing past threads on this forum (My attention mostly to this one) I now realise that this is maybe impossible. I believe the closest I can probably get to my desired...
  16. XEnderFaceX

    Payload HUD Not Resetting immediatly

    Hi Im making a Payload Map and after the Match the HUD dosnt reset, when the setup time is over than it resets, why does it not reset in the setup time aswell?
  17. cookeimonstr

    ionhud 170806

    worked on game ui, focused mostly on control points. looks best on koth. havent worked on normal round timer, tournament mode, damage numbers, menus, or casual ui. i will try to work on the timer and casual ui
  18. Hyperion

    [HUD] No Spectator Bars 06102019

    No Spectator Bars custom HUD. Shortly, removes those annoying grey bars that you get while spectating through death cam.
  19. dala

    Past 72hr Jam Entry dalaHUD (not finished) 2016-07-26
  20. dala

    Past 72hr Jam Entry dalahud (not finished) 2016-07-24

    A custom hud I made for the 72hr jam, I've never made a hud before so I spent a lot of the time learning, sadly I'm gonna be to busy to work on it any longer and am gonna be submitting it unfinished, but will definitely will be updating it once I have more time as it was very fun to make and...