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  1. Green-One

    Duel_clouds a1

    In the year 1969, Blutarch Mann created the ultimate space colony called the Noah. While its story is long, the short version of it is that after the Gravel War, the Noah lost contact with Earth, but due to its self sustaining systems, it is fully capable of being maintained by its crew without...
  2. MacRipley

    MStation a7b

    A/D Map set inside the communication deck of a space station Heavily inspired by Ron Cobb's art, Alien Isolation, and Fireteam Elite. Would like any feedback on timings, covers, pickups, etc.
  3. Ray is Sucky

    pl_spacewater 2023-10-18

    Decided to upload this to tf2maps bc why not Assets used: asteroid blue side assets - Cuba blue moon wallpanel textures - BobbyTF2 space doors, space console, payload monorail track, space-cart- AsG alligator space-props - Gadget autumnal content pack hologram sign textures - Berry + Lacry...
  4. JackHundeswald

    72hr Jam 2023 pd_amalgamation_72hr_jam_2023 V1

    [BROKEN AND UNFINISHED] This map lacks certain things that were planned. The sky is half broken and not how I wanted to do it, the trains clip into the world, the bridges are ugly and more Images are from inside the Hammer++ Lighting Preview window This is an entry for the 72hr Jam of 2023...
  5. Trakmer

    72hr Jam 2023 Unusual Effect: Outer and Beyond

    and this is it, my entry for this years jam, instead of doing modeling i decide to go for a type of unusual particle am not too familiar with and am quite happy with the result, if you ask what even is this, i am not really sure myself, i just went wild with the idea of multidimensional...
  6. 14bit

    72hr Jam 2023 td_14bit a2

    A Territorial Domination map set on the moon made for the 2023 Jam! Uses the Territorial Domination Vscript prefab by @Another Bad Pun, @Emil_Rusboi, and @Kube Uses decals from the Frontline pack by @Void The dome in A2 is from BulletCrops, author unknown
  7. Camel "Submarine" Wagg

    Spacetrucking contest1

    Made for the 72hr Space-Themed OF map competition. might be updated later
  8. Brokkhouse

    Vacuum II a0a

    Remake of sd_vacuum with mirror symmetry, a more streamlined art direction, and an entire year of additional mapping skills. This map is a CTF-SD-hybrid. Each team has a flag. You need to steal the enemy's flag and bring it to your team's elevator at mid, which you need to ascend three times to...
  9. AsG_Alligator

    Space Doors v1

    A set of doors and doorframes fit for the asteroid/space theme. There are 4 sizes of doors to pick from: 96, 128, 196 and 340hu wide. Each size has 2 variants that either open horizontally or vertically. Each door has 3 skins - red, blue and yellow (setup). The pack also contains prefabs...
  10. AsG_Alligator

    Space Consoles v1.1

    A set of terminal models fitting the space theme, full of buttons to press and knobs to turn. Set contains 6 models - 4 straight consoles with the same dimentions as stock spytech consoles and 2 45deg corner consoles that let you create seamless curved control stations like on the screenshot...
  11. AsG_Alligator

    Payload monorail tracks 2023-05-10

    A set of stylized monorail tracks for a space themed map. Requires a custom cart for best effect (like the one I made for arms race wink wink). All the pieces are made to the same shapes and dimentions as vanilla tracks so swapping them out should be relatively hassle-free. Tracks have little...
  12. joshtrademark

    Facing B2

    A space-themed KOTH map inspired by Facing Worlds from Unreal Tournament. This is my second attempt at making a map for this game, criticism is appreciated. Skybox I used:
  13. Brokkhouse

    Vacuum a7a

    Earth's Australium is depleted. RED and BLU found more in space, but it already has an owner. Escape before Cthulhu rises! Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn! Cthulhu fhtagn! This map features not one, not three, but TWO doomsday-style lifts, one for each team. Take the enemy Australium and bring it to...
  14. AlphaBlaster

    E1M1 Hangar a2

    (Please note this map will be officialized in Open Fortress's next update, with an artpass by Lena, I am uploading this in the meantime for anyone who wants to host it in its dev-texture state) Stranded in a space station on the Martian moon of Phobos and knee-deep in the dead, might will make...
  15. ethosaur

    72hr Jam 2022 koth_sol b1

    Made for the TF2Maps 72hr Summer Jam. A symmetrical King Of The Hill map, set on a space station, orbiting the sun! Was inspired by the sun station from Outer Wilds a little bit. I may continue to update this after the Jam as ended, but so far I think it should be in a playable state! Very...
  16. Aulli

    72hr Jam 2022 Comet (72hr Jam) a2

    Made for the 2022 72hr Jam. I've always thought the existing moonbase theme didn't feel very TF2, and I kept being asked "What would it look like, in your opinion?", and that's hard to answer for words. So, I answered with brushes. Cap the point in the middle to send out your rover, which...
  17. goMOU5E

    72hr Jam 2022 Space 2022-07-23

    Very cool.
  18. Jameson

    Adrift rc1

    Adrift is a duel map set on a Gray space station with rockets and grenade launchers for Open Fortress Layout is clearly Inspired by longest yard Theming and detail is similar to OF's mctf_longestyard but in the style of Gray Gravel Co. Pro Version: This is...
  19. afr4y

    Apogee v2_a1

    koth_apogee is my first ever map. Taking place in a moonbase, it has a high emphasis on height variation, and includes sniper towers, an underground flank, and lots of health and ammo kits. The map is rotationally symmetrical. Current release is alpha 1, expect overpowered positions, poor...
  20. The Asylum

    Spaceball still_a3

    Enable servercommands! So yeah this shit again NEW AND EXCITING! It's Spaceball A3! Space, the final frontier. These are the battles of teams RED and BLU. Their continuing misson: to hit a ball into the other team's goal- to take a break every three minutes- to boldly play ball where no ball...