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  1. AlrexX [she/they]

    5CP Graveltype Gamemode Prefab v1

    basic gamemode logic for up'n'down town.
  2. jixegix957

    How to make KOTH with 3 control points?

    I have been fiddling around with KOTH and 3cp examples, but I can't seem to get any of them to work. The map starts with 3 points: BLU point Neutral point RED point None of the points are ever locked. Just like KOTH, the map should have a timer that starts paused until a capture is made: If...
  3. Katsu! :3

    The Importance of Universal Terminology, and Why I Stay Here

    If you know one thing about me, it's likely my custom maps spreadsheet. It's a resource that I am very proud of, and something that I will continue to improve upon, little by little, until the day I die. That is something I promise. My goal is to improve the knowledge of all mappers as much as I...
  4. spoontf2

    One in the Chamber 1.0.0

    Everyone is forced to be spy, and is only equipped with a revolver and a prinny machete. The revolver only has one bullet, and it is regained upon killing an enemy. Everyone is on the same team, with friendly fire on and 3 lives to spare. Be the last man standing to win!
  5. dabmasterars

    King of the Hill with an airstrike (gamemode prefab) V5

    BASICS This King of the Hill gamemode variation has a secondary point. The point can be captured after the main point by the losing team. Capturing this point launches the airstrike: both main and secondary points are locked and reset, the doors slowly close and an airstrike happens, killing...
  6. Katsu! :3

    The User Manual: Contamination (Rock's Gamemode)

    "The Rock" is a map present in Team Fortress Classic, having been remade multiple times in Team Fortress 2 to varying degrees of success. One thing that makes Rock distinct from the other CTF maps in TFC is its gamemode, which we call Contamination. There are two points that define...
  7. SpookyToad

    Past 72hr Jam Entry [GUIDE] Mixing Gamemode Logics 2022-10-18

    Recommended for Advanced mappers ----------Introduction---------- Hello there! Have you ever tried to switch between different gamemodes at one map? Well, now you can! Check videos below to see what i'm talking about. I'm changing logic from arena's one in order to make cool hud for minigames...
  8. Le Codex

    Zombie Defense Prefab V2

    This is the prefab used to make the map Sarex and I submitted for the 20th Microcontest. The gamemode is basically asymmetric Arena (only RED team has one life), combined with A/D (BLU team are zombies who only have access to melee that can win by capping one of two points). Troubleshooting and...
  9. Czebosak

    How to make a kill counter?

    Is it possible to make a kill counter? I want to track kills because I want to make a team deathmatch gamemode. Can anyone help me?
  10. Fault in Maps

    Special Delivery - Elevator (No Rocket) Gamemode Prefab 2021-08-17

    As great as the ABS prefabs are, I felt the Special Delivery prefab was lacking. I feel SD_Doomsday works well because it mixes CP and CTF by forcing the flag carrier to hold a point for some time. ABS doesn't have this 'hold,' instead giving the player a free win on cap. Great for Invade CTF...
  11. Le Codex

    Domination Gamemode Prefab (Player Destruction) v1

    A small, quick, and dirty "remaster" of JACK5's Domination gamemode prefab. Instead of using the KotH gamemode as a base, this one uses Player Destruction. Owning points makes you gain points every second. In order not to become crazy from the point gain sounds, I have included a soundscript to...
  12. SnickerPuffs

    [Gamemode Concept] Keep Away, a point-based variant on PL Tug-of-War

    Forward This concept is in the *very* early stages of development, so much so that this write-up (and the image attached) is the only work I've done on it. The purpose of this thread is to open up a discussion on this concept, to get feedback on how it could be improved, and to gauge the mapping...
  13. John_Galt_1957

    Gamemode idea: op

    op (stands for over powered) There are many things in tf2 that I love and hate Mann Power is something that perfectly fits the bill in my case, I absolutely love the changes in gameplay the powerups and the kritz and uber pickups greatly change the flow of gameplay and make repetitive tasks less...
  14. Aulli

    Multi-stage/Location KOTH 2020-02-10

    At the start of each round, chooses a location to move the king of the hill point to. Includes logic for blockers, for sealing off parts of the map depending on which point is chosen. Options exist for: pure random, stages, and best-of-three stages per-stage spawns, static spawns The locations...
  15. KineSquared

    Hybrid CTF/Koth Example 2019-08-02

    A hybrid gamemode of koth and ctf! Shown off in my latest map ctf_ashworks, i figured separating out the logic of it could be cool for anyone who'd like to use it! Rules: -Capture the intel 3 times to win. -Capping the point moves some dynamic object, I made it open a nice path for the...
  16. r0nii

    How to make custom hud for map? (solved)

    I have made a map which are bit like capture the flag and are almost done. the flag spawns and 30seconds after the flag spawns will explode and the flag will reset. Its unfair because you don't know when will explode till you will count down. Do anyone knows how to make custom hud and put it...
  17. Blade x64

    PLR Train Finale Logic 2018-10-31

    Prefabricated gamemode for easy assembly. Cactus Canyon's concept of victory by train collision applied to PLR. Once both carts pass the center path_track, the train will pass at its fastest rate. Gate and cap specific path_tracks should be grouped together.
  18. 14bit

    PLR Circuit Logic v2

    Here's the basic gametype logic for my "Payload Circuit" map that I did for April Fools day back in 2015. It was originally intended to be a joke, but it actually played quite well, and several people asked how I did it. Originally posted a few days after the April Fools event in 2015, this new...
  19. mat_mot0

    Alternative Gamemodes

    Hello, I'm trying to add some alternative gamemodes such as deathrun, slender, or other stuff and I'm seeking some advice. Thank you :).
  20. Youhadabadday

    Multiple Flag Bot Issues

    So, I'm making a map on a game mode I call MCTF, or Multiple Capture The Flag, where there are 3 different Intel rooms with 3 different intels. When one team captures the intelligence, the flag that was capped is disabled, and the next cap opens up. When the Intel is capped 3 times, the team...