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  1. The Asylum

    Pipe Balle b3 again

    BE YE WARNED! THOU MUST SET sv_allow_point_servercommand "always" in thine CFG, or doomed shall thy Pipe Balle experience be! Ho! NEW AND EXCITING! Tis a new build of Pipe Balle, B3! One morn I awoke from my royal slumber to roars and cheers t'were they as thunder To my window I took and saw...
  2. Gruppy

    ctf_graveshift b4

    Medevial CTF set in a small graveyard
  3. Kiglirs

    Medieval kiglirs_mc22 a1a

    My entry for MC22 Solids used: 167
  4. Will Alfred

    Medieval arena_willalfred_mc22_a1 a2

  5. Nalzurin

    Into the Breach 1.0

    Can you spot 5 Easter Eggs? Assets: Glasgow Greaves Knight's Visor Gothic Gauntlets Paladin's Heavy Plate The Warrior of Valhalla The Huscarl Expialidocious Skies Realistic Fog Weapons / Shields [Conan Exiles] Hidden Assets: *Click* And *Click* Author: Me
  6. Funnystuf

    Pumpkin Valley a6

    MEDIEVAL MODE BUT IT'S GOT PUMPKIN BOMBS, BAYBEEEE - I used A Boojum Snark's Mapping Resource Pack, as always. - And I also pretty much yoinked the logic from DeGroot Keep, but will probably edit it more after feedback. - map's got a death pit.
  7. P

    Medieval pass_castle_frisbee wc

    Frisbee meets medieval. The goal is to get to the top part. You cannot move while holding the ball. Need to test the concept with full server. The size of the map might be too big.
  8. Conga Lyne

    Medieval PittsBurg 2022-01-23

    Created for 24Hr Microcontest 20: Static Spawns This is a Medieval mode map where the control point is situated in a pit. Not really much more I can say than that. Overhangs & stairs in spawn are invisible brushes to guarantee...
  9. Ismaciodismorphus

    72Victora a3

    A medieval mvm map where the DEFENDERS spawn at the top of the hill with robots coming in from below
  10. Trooffe

    Medieval Clashfort a1

    Well it was long time making and designing good medieval map, but i think I done the best what I could. Photos will be added later, because i am using shitty config lol
  11. norfolk

    Medieval Norfolk MC19 a1

    A melee-only KOTH map featuring dynamic, asymmetrical, layouts that randomize on capture. Lots of jump pads. You will fall to your death a lot.
  12. Zepavil

    Medieval zepavil_mc19 a1

    My submission for the 19th Microcontest! Hit all the punches for this one! Just wish the logic worked as intended, had to scale back in a major way due to difficulties. Hope it's enjoyable nonetheless.
  13. Thetriztheexistentialneko

    Medieval Koth_pootis_pit S2 A2A

    A silly little map where you run around and fist fight other heavy's while to giant heavy watch over you. this is a joke map I made as a stress relief after burning out myself multiple times on an actual map
  14. Drewfire

    Medieval Cinder Caves A4

    Hidden away in a doomed dimension, one where even Merasmus dares not to enter, lies a mysterious grey briefcase. Within this cave that this artifact is contained, there is a curse that strips artillery that it deems not worthy of Ye Olde Times. Now, the mercenaries of RED and BLU must obtain the...
  15. norfolk

    Medieval Norfolk MC18 a7a

    A formerly 2-stage, now 3-stage medieval payload race map featuring a throne room and mysterious cave. Push giant team-colored steaks to victory!! Discover the crazy secrets of this map I made in a concerningly short amount of time (by my standards)! Cart Model Used...
  16. ❤littlefirez❤

    Basket ball stadium A1

    I decompiled a map from left 4 dead 2 and changed the missing textures to tf2 textures as well as the bottom of the map i used passtime and medieval mode for this (for balancing )
  17. Sonoma

    Medieval Scurvy a4

    Steal the enemy's treasure map, once you do, defend your treasure from the enemy to win I made this for fun I don't really have any intention of finishing this. Mostly just seeing how the gamemode works Thanks to Radarhead for the rope textures Tianes for the sharks Billo for the cannon logic...
  18. Zepavil

    Medieval koth_plungepool a2

    Welcome to Plungepool! Set at the base of a beautiful waterfall, the REDs and BLUs of ancient ages wage a battle like none other! Welcome to the first map of the Epic Medieval Mode gametype, forged by myself and my fellow medieval lover @Yaki ! This map spins a different take on Medieval Mode...
  19. Yaki

    Medieval Dangreg Keep A1A

    This is a test for a different kind of medieval mode. Pyro get spells, Scout is a puny gremlin, Engineer can build... among other weird additions. The whole idea is to make medieval mode better, or at least spice it up because it is a bit bland. Dangreg's Keep (Map Description) In this...
  20. Diarr

    koth_chandelier a2

    A smaller King of the Hill map set atop a treacherous mountain ridge inside a old decrepit mansion featuring a invaluable large chandelier in the middle which sparked the interested of the Mercenary groups.