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  1. Padre Snowmizzle

    Medieval Rook (KOTH) 1.1.0

    DOWNLOAD THE BSP TO PLAY: Once you download the map, copy it into steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/maps. That should allow you to join my testing server and such! is the server IP, if it's up and...
  2. Hoppkins

    72hr Jam 2023 PD_Smacktown pd_smacktown_b2

    You were invited to spend the holidays in Saxton Hale private Island. But guess what? Everyone did. And now is time to you to prove yourself worth it to be there! Smacktown is a Medieval Player Destruction Mannpower (Yes that's exacly what you heard) enclosure in a Island and you will be...
  3. stinkshink

    72hr Jam 2023 koth_renaissancefair_72 1

    During the Teufort Renaissance Fair the Mercs get into a brawl causing chaos downtown. Contributors: Hammer Assistance: Poster Art: The map buildings takes inspiration from a recent trip me and Alyx took to...
  4. Bisquit

    72hr Jam 2023 Koth_rivertown a4

    A medieval mode king of the hill map set at night on a quiet river-side town. Made within the time-frame of the 72hr jam.
  5. G.A.S.

    72hr Jam 2023 Medieval Sandstone Bricks 1

    A small 4 texture pack of sandstone bricks
  6. Void

    Sandcastle B2

    Big things come in small packages. Get down and dirty in Sandcastle, a re-imagining of Degroot Keep, styled after the famous Rats genre of maps, just in time for Halloween. Ambush the Log Village, light some matches, or just bang out some tunes. The world is yours to play with.
  7. Ponds34

    Medieval Waterpolo Alpha 1

    A recreation of a fortress forever map, made medieval so I don't need to balance the horrendous sight-lines lol
  8. Padre Snowmizzle

    Bunker (CP) 1.1.0

    DOWNLOAD THE BSP TO PLAY: Once you download the map, copy it into steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/maps. That should allow you to join my testing server and such! is the server IP, if it's up and...
  9. Barion

    Cay a1a

    Player destruction map with some fantasy elements, a rework of some ideas from koth_brash.
  10. Yaki

    Medieval Frost Forge a1b

    I propose a question: "What if Medieval Mode was improved with VScript?" Welcome to "Medieval Mode: Reclaimed"! MM:R ("Medieval Mode: Reclaimed", for short) is a slight improvement of the Medieval gamemode from Smissmiss 2010 Update. Player Class Changes in A1 All Classes If a class is...
  11. FateFighter

    Create new map

    Hello, I would like to request a unique trade map. In a bit of a strange style, since I would like a Japanese and at the same time a medieval plaza map, in which I would also like a few mini game rooms that should not be solved by teleportal. There should be no checkpoint on the course. I can...
  12. AlrexX [she/they]

    Sandstone, a Medieval 3CP A/D map (open)

    Thread: Started this all the way back in 2019, had very mixed feedback from testing because people just hate medieval I guess. Lost motivation, tried to pick it up again recently but testing it without medieval mode was a terrible mistake that...
  13. Sentry

    Battleburg [KOTH] 1.0

    IMPORTANT THIS IS NOT MEDIEVAL MODE MAP, MM version will be avaible soon Somewhere in the mountains, a lonely, dilapidated fortress still remains unconquered. Red and Blue fight for access to a river that could significantly increase the illegal arms trade. The castle is the key to dominating...
  14. Gismo Gaming

    Medieval pl_darkAges Alpha 1 - The beginning

    A hybrid payload medieval adventure fun time.
  15. maxchrome

    Ye Olde rc4

    This map was inspired by medieval England and Scotland. It consists of simple layout, 4 control points to capture (including the goal) and a giant midnight Moon looming over the middle-age city, somewhere in a mount region. This is my first ever published map in Steam Workshop and on TF2Maps...
  16. Paper Shadow

    PSTCDOM Yogurt a11a

    Greek Medieval Mode TCDOM for the Unofficial Territorial Domination Contest (Play with Random Crits for Ideal Medieval Mode) Uses the Greek Asset Pack, The Dusk to Dawn Skybox Pack, and TCDOM Vscript Prefab
  17. BogiFan

    Medieval Koth_Haggis_Bridge A9

    Koth_Haggis_Bridge is a simple King of the Hill map based on medieval mode which takes place on a bridge!
  18. D

    Graieval RC1

    Done as a fun project for fun, probably wouldn't work at all if it was meant to be a playable reskin of Gravel Pit, made just to look pretty pretty much Using sky_twilight_02 by Void, Made ontop of a basic geo demake of Gravel Pit that...
  19. The Asylum

    Pipe Balle RC1

    BE YE WARNED! THOU MUST SET sv_allow_point_servercommand "always" in thine CFG, or doomed shall thy Pipe Balle experience be! Ho! NEW AND EXCITING! Tis a new build of Pipe Balle, RC1! One morn I awoke from my royal slumber to roars and cheers t'were they as thunder To my window I took and...
  20. Gruppy

    ctf_graveshift rc3

    Medevial CTF set in a small graveyard