april fools day

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  1. Whomobile

    Casserole rc2

    A Mystery contact has asked BLU to deliver a Casserole to a microwave in the borderworld Xen. Sadly during transportation the beloved scientist Dr Walter has become stuck in the Casserole but the mission must go on! Now it's up to RED to save Walter's life before he becomes a Casserole...
  2. The_Evil_Pickle

    [April Fools] Points Get a1

    This map was built from an orphaned map made by Sergis, so the layout of the map was done by him. I just added a whole bunch of logic entities to give the map some additional features. In your spawn room is a white tile that teleports you to a separate room, shown above. The counter on the...
  3. The_Evil_Pickle

    [April Fools] ctf_dust_storm a1

    A joke map originally made for last year that never ended up getting submitted. Now it rises from the grave to take part in this year's game day! How it works: Each team has a base containing the enemy flag. Deliver it to the enemy base to capture it. Then it explodes. Current weather: Dust...
  4. Void

    April Fools' Gameday - April 1st, 2017

    Haha! Boo! Gotcha! You thought there wouldn't be an April Fools' event? Too bad! There is! And now you are the April Fool! Next Saturday, a week from the publishing of this hastily-written cry for help from the dank recesses of the Staff Cave I've found myself in, you too can take part in the...
  5. Mikroscopic

    Unintelligence rc1

    My entry for Crash's 2016 April Fools contest. It's reverse CTF - take the flag to the enemy's base to score!
  6. Nicky

    Meme Machine RC 4

    The winner of the April Fools 2016 Mini Contest, I present to you Pd Meme Machine, a mirrored, symmetrical player destruction map! Kill enemies, collect fuel units, and deploy them at the fuel station to launch the rocket! Once a team finishes capping all of the fuel units, they must capture the...
  7. 14bit

    Terminal B1a

    In an effort to finally finish the great moon lumber war of 20XX (see plr_orbit), RED decided to build their own space base as a forward command in the battle, as sending endless waves of bombs to destroy BLU’s equivalent bombs wasn’t working (see plr_orbit). With this, RED hoped to finally...
  8. Werewolf

    Working_Class B4

    CURRENT VERSION - B4 About The Map This map was originally designed and built for the 2016 tf2maps.net April Fools mapping contest, thus is a 'joke' map. For the most part it is a normal King of the Hill (aka KotH) map. It supports a maximum of 32 players in a medium sized, mirrored symmetry...