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  1. Katsu! :3

    Multi Stage Regypt rc2

    Hello! I would like to welcome you to cp_regypt_rc2, a visual overhaul of cp_egypt done by "MallCop." As far as I know, the only changes that were done to the map were making the visuals much easier on the eyes, as all the extreme yellows of egypt hurt after a while. So you may notice that the...
  2. d3adfin

    Monthu a2a

    dm_monthu is an open fortress deathmatch map built with a focus on tdm. it's inspired by quake live maps like purgatory, tornado and deep inside.
  3. *Turns into crocodile*

    Arine a2

    Custom content: - - -
  4. thysponge55

    pl_papyrus a4b

    Hello!! Another map on it's way! This time a far more ambitious (my first try at a) Single Stage Payload Map. I am super early into play-testing and getting feedback and nothing is finalised. I've done my texturing and detail to give a flavour of what the final map will look like! The map...
  5. Suna

    Scarab RC6

    After an excavation gone wrong (as usual), an ancient evil has awakened. Tired of just spectating, he wishes to re-enter the mortal realm, but to do that, he needs souls. As you may have guessed, this is where you come in. Collect souls, deliver them to him, and you may even get paid! Created...
  6. Lo-fi Longcat

    KOTH_Cough a3

    idk it's been like 3 years since I last tested this so i don't remember what needs fixin lmfao
  7. Mess About

    marah a4

    Big thank to Freyja for the Egyptian's assets pack ________________________________ got the idea while jogging around my local park
  8. Punished Lawbringer

    Edfu b2

    A map I actually wanted to focus and improve upon. Based on an ancient Egyptian city. The map has enclosed areas in the middle and is more open toward the sides. The map is being updated with better game balance and a skybox. Critiques and advice are appreciated...
  9. Frank1Tank

    Dusty Ruin A1

    RED have set up defences at the Tutanhattamann Pyramid and surrounding ruins, capture all three ruins as BLU to win, defend atleast the last point as RED to win the round.
  10. FloofCollie

    Pharaoh A2

    Hey, look at that! Another 72 Hour Jam submission where I begin mere hours before my deadline! Having made a map from the beginning of the allocated time, I didn't really like it, and so chose to scrap it and start again. Inspired by Egypt of course! I'm not really looking for feedback for...
  11. Peanut butter

    pl_burial A3

    simple layout, may be multi stage in the future. Making it to get back into mapping.
  12. Freyja

    Freyja's Egyptian Assets v1

    I made some new egyptian assets with the purpose of introducting more colour and less blandness into the egyptian theme. These are intended as a replacement for the existing egyptian assets, I don't think they will work well with the old ones. This also includes "egyptian-inspired spytech"...
  13. Dapper_Denizen

    Mannzac A5

    This is my second map and i hope i improved greatly! (i also hope i packed this one correctly) please leave any and all feedback as im new and really bad!
  14. 14bit

    Terminal B1a

    In an effort to finally finish the great moon lumber war of 20XX (see plr_orbit), RED decided to build their own space base as a forward command in the battle, as sending endless waves of bombs to destroy BLU’s equivalent bombs wasn’t working (see plr_orbit). With this, RED hoped to finally...