joke map

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  1. Aulli

    Patchwork a8

    A very old map of mine I have rediscovered and bring to you now today.
  2. GreenyDTH

    Medieval HammerTime 2 (Team Survival) a1

    The sequel to HammerTime: Avoid getting crushed by a crap ton of hammers, and falling down a pit after platforms break, only this time the teams are separate, and the last team standing wins!
  3. GreenyDTH

    Medieval HammerTime (Hammer Survival) A2

    Can you avoid the hammers trying to whack you like a mole, and be the last team standing? Features: Spinning hammers Platforms that disappear over time (Will give warning before vanishing) Medieval Mode
  4. GreenyDTH

    floodhammer A5-1

    What happens when you make a KOTH map, add 3 levels of random flooding, and a giant hammer to it, plus some other stuff? You get this chaos of a map. Features: A Giant Hammer about the capture point Not 1, nor 2, but three levels of flooding! Trains Wheel of Fate/Doom And many more surprises!
  5. Fluury

    Desert Bus Event RC2

    Introducing Payload Race Desertbus Event - The TF2 Desertbus you know and love, but even worse. FEATURING: - THE USUAL DESERTBUS SHIT: 100% Rollback, longest map size possible, terribly slow Payload, anti-pushing mechanics. It's like you never left. - A TERRIBLE SCARY FOG: The grounds of...
  6. explosive_clone_cube

    trade_sh0e-fort 2021-08-25

    a sequel to my other map called koth_murray_slurry this map is a joke. I am not actually insane. I dont know who made the doug walker 10 hottest women meme or the doug walker polar express kid meme I just had them on my computer. apart from that I made the rest of the map. also I didn't make...
  7. Yoshark

    plr_traincartbomb b1a

    My april fools submission for 2021. A funky train yard where opposing teams fight each other and the map to get their payload cart to the end. (I'm also uploading all dev versions played during the af tests for sake of historical value)
  8. 14bit

    Multi Stage Goalrush B1A

    Goalrush is an experimental port of Goldrush into an Attack/Defense version of PASS Time. The ball instantly resets when Red gets the ball, and all players are granted minicrits when the PASS meter is filled. The final goal at the end of Stage 3 is a bonus goal, which requires filling the PASS...
  9. Da Spud Lord

    No Man's Skybox A5a

    its a procedural map generator, but its kinda ️roke seems to run fine on listen servers fix soon
  10. explosive_clone_cube

    koth_murray_slurry 2021-03-21

    a joke map made for me and my friends, An insane serial kidnapper has drank too much dan aykroyd crystal skull vodka and has become obsessed with bill Murray and more specifically the bill murray slurry, a infamously dangerous and difficult *** involving ******* *** and ***** and 3 *****, he...
  11. Tang

    arena_tang_mc12 a1

    Entry for the March Microcontest 2021
  12. Spipper

    Beerbowling b1

    A joke map that got out of hand: Experimental Passtime-KOTH hybrid in the same vein as ctf_redplanet set in the backyard of a dorm. The rules of beer bowling are simple: Teams compete in tipping over the enemy team's beer can with a football (the Jack): Upon being successful in this task, the...
  13. MurrajFur

    koth_trampoline 2020-09-05

    Come one, come all! Come experience the joy of playing tf2 while soaring through the air without a care in the world! At least until the enemy soldier equips the direct hit. This is mostly a joke map, I'm not very experienced with Hammer and I don't have a lot of free time due to college, but I...
  14. Shampoo

    trade_cloak A0.1111111111

    I don't know....
  15. Da Spud Lord

    Jetpacks n' Shotguns V3b

    What if Scout had a jetpack? Sounds like a cool idea, right? Well Scout sure thought it was, and now he has 1000 jetpacks and a crapload of debt! Jet around this map with a super-high jump, a forward dash, and your trusty Scattergun (and also a pistol, if you're a little b****). Kill enemies and...
  16. 14bit

    Multi Stage Gorge2 A3B

    My 2020 April Fools map, made for the 2020 April Fools Contest. It's Gorge like you've never seen it before: this time it's multistage! Stage 1: Control Point Stage 2: A/D CTF Stage 3: Payload Featuring a unique layout that rearranges and reuses spaces, each point brings a new layout changes...
  17. TheFluffycart

    De_Fortress a4

    Welcome to De_Fortress. This is a map originally made for the April Fools competition, which I am giving a proper name now as to let it breath a bit. De_Fortress is going to be on hold for now, but feel free to check it out and leave feedback or reviews
  18. Pinsplash

    jokes a4

    The map that changed joke maps forever.
  19. Fluury

    Desert Bus rc2

    Introducing Payload Race Desertbus - the definitive Desertbus experience ported straight into TF2. FEATURING: - Anti-AFK pushing mechanics: Standing on top or infront of the payload results in the player being pushed slightly to the side to prevent players from just sitting on the payload and...
  20. LFSoniccraft10

    KOTH Gianthill A1

    I had this on the workshop for a while and forgot to post it on here oops lol.