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  1. Mikasinka

    1 Tank with 100K HP for all mvm maps v1

    Start money - 30000 Speed tank - 75 HP tank - 100000 Maps: Coaltown, Ghost town, Mannworks, Rottenburg, Decoy, Bigrock \steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\scripts\population If you don't have folder "population" - create
  2. rafradek

    VScript MvM Sticky tank template 2022-12-29

    Sticky tank template for use in MvM game mode, originally made by hellmet Unpack contents to tf directory Includes custom sticky tank icon and FRONTLINE! tank turret from https://frontline.tf/ Requires https://tf2maps.net/downloads/vscript-popfile-extensions.14972/ to be previously installed...
  3. KNOS

    Tank Model 1.1

    Mvm Tank model created inside of blender
  4. KrazyZark

    Tank drill V2

    Comes with an example vmf and bsp 4 skins for 2 for default and 2 for final 3 animations 6 custom sounds
  5. Argo

    koth_vehicle_example A11

    Combined-arms warfare in TF2 created with map logic! Disclaimer: Currently this example is less-than-suitable for online play due to optimisation issues, but can still be tested offline with bots or online with a friend or two. I'm still keeping this uploaded as an "open source" resource...
  6. xB33

    TF2 Soviet Props (pl_munitions) 2021-10-07

    Just a bunch of models I made for our 2019 contest entry "pl_munitions" (which is now more or less finished thanks to Jusa) You can preview the models on the link below. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/XB9V0l
  7. Tumby

    Tank001 Blue Edit 2020-10-09

    Blue edit of props_2fort/tank001.mdl. Has 2 skins. Skin 1 is more vibrant than skin 0. Includes: models/props_2fort/tank001_blue.mdl (and other relevant files) materials/models/props_2fort/tank001_blue0.vtf + .vmt (skin 0) materials/models/props_2fort/tank001_blue1.vtf + .vmt (skin 1)...
  8. rafradek

    Small Turret Tank Prefab for MVM 2020-07-13

    Adds turret tanks that shoot rockets or jarate periodically Copy everything from the prefab to any place on your map. Copy outputs from path_track entity named path_start to all starting path_track on your map. Put the models and material files into tf directory Name your tank...
  9. RatioS

    Tank teleport support Prefab v1

    A simple logic to allow the alternative teleport route for your tank without provide multiple StartingPathTrackNode name to mission makers. I made this for my map currently working on. Enjoy
  10. Startacker!

    MvM Ghost Tank Prefab V1

    From Boogge, this tank spawns with a large ghost on the front that scare-stuns anyone on the defending team if they are on the front or side-front of the tank. Also plays sounds when it spawns, spooks, and dies! VMF's contents come with some guide entities and with commented entities.
  11. Startacker!

    MvM Sticky Tank Prefab Final

    Uploading this file on behalf of Hell-met. This prefab has tanks spawned through it have two turrets attached to the sides, firing off stickies that detonate shortly after landing. Comes with both crit and normal shooters. More info in the readme This requires the tank turret model from...
  12. ComradeRoffel

    pl_vorwarts A9

    Blu arrives with their train in a Red occupied Frontline styled town, they need to push the cart through the rubble and debris onwards towards a Red base where they will make their last stand against the Blu invaders
  13. Midlou

    [Prefab] 'Semi-Functional' Frontline Tank! V1

    In-Game: Features Particles Sounds Shake Dust Inputs: Shot Left -> tank_trigger_left_1 > Trigger Shot Right -> tank_trigger_right_1 > Trigger Shot Forward -> tank_trigger_forward_1 > Trigger Explode Tank -> tank_trigger_explode_1 >Trigger ZIP content: tank_demo.bsp tank_demo.vmf...
  14. AsG_Alligator

    train_tankcar02a v1.01

    Tankcar model with 4 skins and 2 LOD's. Feel free to use it but do remember to credit me for it.
  15. Strno8

    Flame Kindler 2018-07-29

    Lil propane Tank called - Flame Kindler Model - Strno8 - https://steamcommunity.com/id/patrezak Textures - Pie_savvy - https://steamcommunity.com/id/Pie_Savvy/ Concept - Rev - https://steamcommunity.com/id/Revengineer/ SFM art - Hotrod McCoolGuy - https://steamcommunity.com/id/HotrodMcCoolguy...
  16. Funnystuf

    Affogato a1

    An itty bitty Frontline KOTH map taking place by the seaside. Whoever wins blows up the enemy's ship. I had the urge to make a quick KOTH map based on an idea I had for a mid, and I whipped this up in a little over 24 hours. I probably won't work much on this further, but you're still free to...
  17. Simulacron

    How to create a MvM Sentry tank?

    Hey there, I'm trying to create a sentry tank in a custom MvM mission but I can't find anything on how to do it. It would be great if somebody could explain to me how it's done or just link me a pop file that includes a sentry tank. Thanks in advanced!
  18. XEnderFaceX

    Badyard Final

    Get your Weapons ready Maggots! its time for War! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Badyard: ------------ Team Blu: -------------- Team Blu has to push the Tank to the Plane Lookout before the Timer runs out! Team Red: --------------- Team Red has to...
  19. Simulacron

    MvM-Map is crashing when tank spawns

    I'm working on a mvm-map lately, but I have a problem. When my tank spawns the game always crashes and gives the error: "Out of memory or address space. texture quality settings may be too high." However, I've run Tf2 for probably 3 years now, without any crash due to memory lack. I found this...
  20. Da Spud Lord

    (NOT Fixed) MvM Tank Falling Through Grate

    Hello, So I decided to start detailing mvm_cargoship. I replaced the floor of the bomb hatch area with a metal grate, with the plan of adding stuff underneath of it (as an out-of-bounds area). Unfortunately, I recently discovered that the tank now falls through the grate whenever it reaches it...