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  1. Mess About

    hypocenter a3

    features an abandoned shack that is half-buried in sand with a torn-up attic for a CP a1
  2. bpettipa

    Sky High 2.00

    never before seen KOTH in the sky
  3. Ismaciodismorphus

    Drillcore A9A

    Drillcore is a Gravelpit Style Attack Defense map set in the middle of a red rock desert. Credits: Anything else not listed here is made by Ismac Health & Ammo Kit by Lee23 SKYBOX BY VOID Blu must control points a and b to unlock c which wins them the game when capped, Red must stop blu from...
  4. zythe_

    dryrock b5

    originally made for the TFconnect Smissmas contest. red teams basin has dried out and revealed a rocket hatch that was hidden all this time. obviously now, blue wants to blow it up. custom payload cart by @Rexy
  5. KrazyZark

    Pl_oljato A2

    Pl_oljato is a hybrid payload map set in a coal mining and processing plant near an abandoned old mining town from the 1800's in the Navajo area
  6. Brushwagg Connoisseur

    Monolith a1

    lightings kinda bad, couldnt get it to work. sorry. resupply might not work, ill update soon.
  7. zythe_

    zythe_mc22 b1

    tiny arena map for mc22, yeah...
  8. Tumby

    Tumby MC22 a1a

    A Payload Race map made for the 22nd Microcontest. This map uses 99 solids. I don't really know what I'm doing.
  9. zythe_

    zythe72hr b4

    originally created for the 72hr jam 2022: info for pop file writers coming soon! in the meantime, if you want to write a pop file or this map please dm me on discord zythe_#0666 and i will send you all the details. stock missions included...
  10. AlexEatDonut

    oldthoughts a1

    This is old ! And yet it was made in 72 hours ! Welcome to old thoughts, i named it this way because it was inspired by me trying to do my very first map doodle justice. Keep in mind that the doodle was made when i had litterally 0 experience with mapping, so i had to make changes. But the...
  11. zythe_

    mvm_zythe72hr b5

    ----------//PLEASE DO NOT DECOMPILE OR EDIT WITHOUT MY CONSENT//---------- mvm map in 72hrs with no previous experience :) i am suffering :D info for pop file writers coming soon! in the meantime, if you want to write a pop file or this map please dm me on discord zythe_#0666 and i will send...
  12. TheWither031

    Nacho a1

    Better Call Saul 6x03's background shack. Please credit me in the description of any videos this is featured in. This will be updated to have more suitable terrain in the future.
  13. Dasprucegoose

    Freckle a2

    I wanted to try and make a payload map that was designed for free-roaming and deathmatch. My goal is for it to be "Fun, but flawed".
  14. Le Codex

    Codex MC21 A2b

    My submission for Microcontest 21, 1024/512. The gamemode is Payload Circuit, so the two starting positions of the carts are 1024 units apart The map is very small and probably too cramped, but I think it has some merits. The spawn courtyards and some areas of mid are nice. Also the first time...
  15. zythe_

    skorpion a2

    its called skorpion because its shaped like a scarab
  16. ethosaur

    koth_coalyard a1

    Kinda messed this up a lot, doubt I will really finish it, but I guess we will see... Anyway, this was my quick attempt at trying to make something within the given timeframe for the 72hr jam! The map is not really playable yet, as it is missing many vital gameplay elements, such as clips...
  17. Sonoma

    Pit final1

    A reimagining of the classic TF2 map pl_minepit from 2009, originally created by cdsand. With their permission I've re-artpassed the map to fit TF2's artstyle in a way that makes it looks straight out of 2009, I chose the desert theme because of that. I picked this map because I'm very...
  18. Chilliman

    KOTH_Facility 1

    small, with some cover dont expect alot this is my FIRST MAP
  19. Osac

    Sketch A5

    A WIP blockout of a koth map... with diagonal geometry!
  20. ethosaur

    cp_alamo 2021-08-04

    Few years ago I made this 3cp map, tried to finish it to a playable state, but it lacks a lot of polish and gameplay fixes to this day still. You have to capture the middle point, to then unlock the enemies base capture point. There is lot's of ways to get around. The map theme is based on the...