Siege b6

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Siege b6

Made by PC's_Frank

The Painted Vandalism Overlays seen in this map were made by Sikyanakotik.

The scaffolding seen in the BLU Warehouse was made by Seba.

EDIT: 11/5/14
*I fixed some clipping issues and re-uploaded the map.

EDIT 9/7/14: Once again, I'd like to thank everyone who playtested this map, which has been given another total overhaul as a result of your feedback.

EDIT 8/22/14: I'd like to thank everyone who played on this map on the 8/16/14 gameday. Your feedback has been greatly appreciated and has gone a long way in making this map fun to play in. Consequently, many aspects of PL_Siege have been changed, particularly the final area which has been almost completely re-done (so the last screenshot on this page is now null and void, and will be removed as soon as I find the time to replace it). The new semester of graduate courses has begun, so I don't know how long it will be until I can update this map again. But, thank you all very much all the same and please let me know what in this current version may be improved upon.

After working on this map for nearly two years, it is finally in alpha stage. While I am hoping that people download the map and test it out so I can know what to change, I'm not sure if I will be able to. I am currently taking masters classes and writing a thesis, so while I do want to receive feedback on my map, I don't if I'll have enough time to make any suggested changes. I apologize for the inconvenience, but would like to once again thank everyone on for being so supportive and helpful.

My two biggest influences in this map have been Badwater Basin and Barnblitz, particularly the latter. The premise of this map is that a BLU factory responsible for the manufacturing of bombs on rail carts has come under siege by RED, who have placed a ray gun at the opposite end of the complex. In order to win, BLU must escort a bomb on a rail cart to the ray gun so it may be destroyed. They must do so before the timer runs out, or the factory will be destroyed by the ray gun and RED will win.
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  1. pl_siege_b6

    Added new flanks for points three and four.