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  1. Alox

    Frostpit RC1A

    Welcome to Frostpit! The Red team has found a new source of fuel and are making new weapons and freezing the world with it; will the blu team be able to stop them in time? This map features: frozen caverns, explosive gifts that hurt and slow down players, a fancy industrial artpass, lots of...
  2. UmKlaiDet

    Adidas cart retexture 2022-07-25

  3. DимKa

    The scout runs to the blue base 1.0

    The scout was lucky
  4. ethosaur

    Slop & Slime Pack v1

    With this pack, you can also create maps in this style! Includes: -About 94 custom made, original assets, including remade TF2 items, such as item pickups, custom bomb model, resupply/battlements signs and resupply cabinet! -Prop zoo vmf -About 50+ Cartoony Textures Dont forget to check...
  5. Noe

    MVM Metro 1

    A Mann-Vs-Machine map set in a small section of a metro. The map has two lanes, one of which is randomly selected, and is entirely underground. The map also has stacking bombs. If left unchecked, bombs can pile up and become an issue. 15 seconds after a bomb is picked up for the first time, a...
  6. allen the dumpster

    dtf_powertime v1b

    Powertime was an attempt at modifying an existing gamemode, and turning it into something new-ish. dtf_(destroy the flag)powertime_1 is the result of that. Something I can only describe as a strange mixture of Special Delivery, Mann vs. Machine, and Capture the Flag. The goal of dtf is fairly...
  7. TH3 D34DL3$$

    Fallenrain a3

    RED decided to temporarily store their chemicals near docks of abandoned town, called "Fallenrain", and it's stainless steel factory. However, as it turns out, BLU knows about this and are planning to explode everything with self-accelerating bomb carts they brought with them. However...
  8. Pdan4

    Pdan4's Pipe Paste and Prevention Prefab 001b

    Now THIS is Computer Science! Some PIPE DOPE from Pdan as an early Christmas present for y'all. If you want to check out the compiled VMF demo: The Blue block will affix your selection. The Red cube will delete instead. Each Teal pillar sets the filter to stick/remove the embedded...
  9. r0nii

    od_waterpass a2

    layout inspired by my older map called cp_waterpass. the detonation zone and few details that will come later were a concept by player called "totenlis"
  10. Funnystuf

    Bomb Volley a2

    Shoot the bombs in the middle to send them towards the other team! If one hits their or your side, it's game over. After a certain amount of time, 3 more mines will be accessible on either side. This map is very experimental, dumb, and unorthodox, and was made to pretty much give my brain a...
  11. TheFluffycart

    A/D Defuse Template a1

    Welcome to another defuse template (Yes, I know I've posted it too much, this is hopefully the last one tho). As the title suggest, this is an A/D defuse in which instead of only planting one bomb, blue needs to plant two of them to win. This was actually brought up in the discord server. and I...
  12. TheFluffycart

    De_Template a7

    Updating this one last time, due to the old page being cringe. This logic aims to recreate the Defusal Gamemode from Counter Strike. This isn't the first, and it 100% is not the best, but it works without plugins so I'll take it. The gamemode works by having two CP''s locked at the start. When...
  13. Printed Paper

    How would I make a capture point on mvm?

    I'm making an mvm map where robots cap a point and an extra bomb spawns. I want that extra bomb to be removed after each round, same with the point. This is somewhat like mannhattan, but with a bomb instead of a gate. I have the func_nav_prerequisite stuff set up, so no worries on there.
  14. JLuka

    DirtyBomb a3

    bomb intel model by ChickenLover the bomb is what inspired this map idea Saddle up in a fast paced bomb delivery gamemode. Grab the time bomb and send it to the enemies weapon and moonshine cache. YEEHAW don't...
  15. Dr. Bum |SCG|

    Bumsite a2

    A Player Destruction map featuring a Capture Point that will recede into the ground and spring back out of it periodically. The name given is temporary and will be given a new (better) one as the map nears a more complete state (may or may not be used as another type of map later on). Already...
  16. AlphaOwl

    Help! Payload Cart under map!

    I'm currently working on a payload map, and I believe I've put in all the correct outputs and properties, but somehow my payload cart spawns below my map. Any suggestions? I'm currently stuck, and I would like to troubleshoot this before progressing my map.
  17. Y

    de_dust2 b1

    This is my TF2 version for the good old CS:GO map dust2, with TF2 style. I used ABS's Mappers Resource. The base of my map was this map: I made a lot of changes to the abandoned project (wasn't updated for more than...
  18. Yabayabayaba

    Robot carrier missing treads

    I am attempting to make an mvm map on a large cargo truck being chased by the robot carrier. Upon inspection however, I have found the carrier prop is missing treads on the right side. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated
  19. chemelia

    crikeystrike v1a

    ~Originally made in 7 hours for April Fool's Gameday 2017~ ARE YOU TIRED OF: Pesky respawns? Pesky damage other than hitscan? Pesky classes other than sniper? Pesky games other than Counterstrike? Pesky maps other than Dust 2? Counter-strike costing a WHOPPING fifteen U.S. dollars?? THEN THIS...
  20. AlphaOwl

    72hr SFM Artwork: Stop that bomb! A1

    In the 1800's, the Americans moved West and kicked the Mexican's asses down South, while more foreign communists moved into the proud USA, including those goddamn job stealing Chinese. Before Sawmill became a battlefield, it was a lumber depot, manufacturing wood. Most importantly...