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|fixed some visual errors
|cart wheels are now properly aligned to tracks
|visual fixes
|RED force respawn now catches deaths up to a second after the C point is capped
|RED respawn time increase is now delayed by 10 seconds after C is capped
|fixed missing overlays
|reduced starting round time back down to 100 seconds
|increased the time awarded for BLU capping A by 15 seconds
It is finally finished, I think

|BLU now has a 2 second respawn wave after B is capped
-removed staircase leading up to B
+added slightly forwards spawns for BLU
+added back the force respawn for RED after C is capped

|smoothed out displacements
|reduced the respawntimes for BLU after B is capped by 1 second
|visual improvements
|increased the size of the health kit in the pit from a small to a medium
|changed the funny rock to be a wooden structure
|detailing additions
|clipping improvements
|lighting improvements
|smoothed out some displacements
-removed force respawn for RED after A is capped
|increased the starting timer by 20 seconds
|decreased BLU's spawn times by 1 second when B is capped
|clipping improvements
|made some displacements easier to jump up on to
perch points
|visual enhancements
|detailing changes
|fixed bad lighting on some displacements
|changed the big door to open when A is capped instead of B, this should hopefully allow BLU to get another angle to clear out RED players turtling up in the room

+added force respawn for BLU after C is capped
+added prop jump from the lower part of Last to the upper part of Last
-removed force respawn for RED after C is capped
-removed cacti in gameplay space

|clipping fixes
|minor visual enhancements