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  1. gusic

    Minecraft Alpha textures and sounds F2

    Minecraft Alpha textures and sounds. VPK > \Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom Models 42 hammer unit grid. (View > Set Grid Size...) Texture Scale 2.625 (Tools > Options...) Use Face alignment and not World. Skyboxes. (Map > Map Properties...) mcday mcnight...
  2. Gravidea

    Searching for a long lost map

    So I'm looking for a really old TF2 community map, and I've had no luck so far. I know it's silly, but I'm looking for a community made Minecraft TF2 map that I played almost 7-9 years ago when I first played TF2. I have a lot of fond memories on that map, but I don't know the name of it, and my...
  3. 333res

    Process middle point in Minecraft. a2

    With some shaders.
  4. ProGaMEr110521

    TF2 Poster in Minecraft Style 2022-07-24

    TF2 Poster in Minecraft Style This is a TF2 poster stylysed in minecraft-like style. All the resources were made by ProGaMEr110521 and Grenka(Map, Knife, Skin, Briefcase, portcigar, Hats. The poster was made in several steps. 1. Idea - Creating the idea 2. Preparing...
  5. Sonoma

    Pit 2023-05-08

    A reimagining of the classic TF2 map pl_minepit from 2009, originally created by cdsand. With their permission I've re-artpassed the map to fit TF2's artstyle in a way that makes it looks straight out of 2009, I chose the desert theme because of that. I picked this map because I'm very...
  6. DudeTheNinja

    Minecraft-Styled Classic 2021-12-18

    HLMV Render. This is also used for the backpack icon! Replaces the Classic with a model I made entirely in Blockbench. The model technically works in Vanilla Minecraft (but fixing the UVs Blockbench gave the exported json model for Literally 418 Lines Of Json Code was just not fun for...
  7. 333res

    Ultiduo_baloo in minecraft. a1

    That not perfect but ok for me.
  8. Satedling

    Texture Update v2

    this is Texture Update read description 2019 year. the blocks like minecraft can here. Minecraft Wiki: Texture Update
  9. Sunrise Everymaker

    Minecraft CastleTower v1

    This is prefab in minecraft of the castle tower.
  10. Satedling

    Minecraft Sounds 1.16

    my the Minecraft Sounds Pack. have sound and the ability away.
  11. Farlonger

    Chisel Textures a1

    this is set blocks thened. i am going to chisel mod. this is Minecraft Mods now.
  12. Paireing Eyes

    Minecraft Oberon Event v1

    A King of the Hill map in the minecraft theme. you're allright though oberon halloween.
  13. Paireing Eyes

    Minecraft Jupiter 2020-09-20

    A King of the Hill map with a jupiter theme. This is anyway you with a jupiter planet.
  14. Paireing Eyes

    Sunrise Minecraft A1

    A Mann Vs. Machine map with a minecraft theme. You're and with a minecraft started. Please PureBDcraft contact take that though you. Grey Mann and attack Robots. Custom Assets: PureBDcraft Textures. The Frontline Pack.
  15. Captian Needed

    Oberon A1

    This is especially Minecraft Maps. Even with a new set good minecraft. Welcome to the Oberon system and the seven you.
  16. 333res

    Upward first point in minecraft a1

    Upward first point in minecraft
  17. LaughableNineSeal44

    Bagel Minecraft B2

    You the minecraft textures. early generations range was the to away thats you with the same time as my PureBDcraft wedding day. The same kind it takes some sort like real re patch text near side you. Custom Assets: PureBDcraft Textures by Sphax
  18. SunriseWatchWater

    Minecraft Textures 1.14

    This is test Minecraft Textures since certain. we've get blocks of the all progressives unless award. I'm see you. Welcome to the main.
  19. SunriseWatchWater

    Bagel The End B4

    A King of the Hill map with a minecraft theme. Type Map Bagel The End, i'm talking sometimes we've been rewarding and urban habitat for species with a the end. The company rule will tell why you. Custom Assets: Minecraft Textures Version 1.14 by Mojang. The Frontline! Pack. Urban Reskin Pack...
  20. SunriseWatchWater

    Minecraft JumpPad A1

    - A King of the Hill Map with a minecraft theme. Type Map Minecraft JumpPad, you're the all jump pads. that's are through with a jump. Custom Assets: The Frontline Supply Drop Jump Pads Prefabs More Vehicles Computer Screen Bank