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    Pitfall A2

    Now 98.2% less sightline issues! Hopefully! Koth_pitfall is a map which draws inspiration from established KoTh design principles with a twist in the mid point. Featuring a big ol' pit in right below the point and a small underground section, this map plays a fair bit with verticality and...
  2. Sonoma

    Background Map: Pit v1

    Ever wanted to load up tf2 and be greeted by Pit? Now you can! copy and paste the autoexec file in your tf>cfg folder and add the launch parameter of -exec autoexec
  3. Sonoma

    Pit 2023-05-08

    A reimagining of the classic TF2 map pl_minepit from 2009, originally created by cdsand. With their permission I've re-artpassed the map to fit TF2's artstyle in a way that makes it looks straight out of 2009, I chose the desert theme because of that. I picked this map because I'm very...
  4. Mugenman88

    Earthquake a14

    A first for me, mirror symmetrical and features a large pit near the cap, with a health pack as a temptation
  5. Lazy Developer

    Moon Pit a1

    Space themed koth map with the point over a crater on the moon. This is an early version and was made in approximately 12 hours total. Special thanks to Cuba for making the Blu asteroid assets I used in this map.
  6. brentonimo

    ctf_pitstop A1

    Roughly a month in the making and ready for play testing for an audience. Any and all feedback would be appreciated. Keep in mind, if possible, a fair bit of work has been done to translate the map intended for shielded Spartans enabling it for a 9-class team based shooter. This includes the...
  7. Vert

    Trashpit a1b

    A map made pretty much to break all the standard koth rules. I haven't had much success making maps that try to be normal so I've tried the polar opposite
  8. 0100

    Minehills A5E

    Hello ! This is my first map well actually not but third version of the same map . If you want to check what theme I'm going to make you can check previous versions. They are pretty bad so I abandoned them and made a new version Theme: Alpine coal mines on a cliff
  9. khhs1671

    arena alpha1

    koth_arena is simply a arena, drop down into the pit and fight! It is my first serious map, so please be nice
  10. Moronicbody

    DaPit 2020-12-21

    A small King of the Kill map made for a friend. It originally was going to be a mvm map, but was switched to Koth. Due to that, I had to redo the entire map, only keeping some things the same. The buildings were shortened and it was duplicated. The point is on a platform over a pit. Players...

    koth_rockpit a10

    A compact, symmetrical King of the Hill map. This is my first serious attempt at a map, so I'll do my best to take feedback to heart.
  12. Ovalos™

    pd_helium A2

    Player destruction map set inside a zepelin gondola, the pickups are australium bars. The point is some sort of platform that lowers when enabled and starts burning right as it goes away, I know this makes no sense but I thought it'd be fun so what the hell. This map was made for the Pick it Up...
  13. Naet

    Deathpit 1.0.0

    just a pit map with point-blank action
  14. Vhonny Barjo

    Medieval koth_saintlouis a1

    Medieval map. Koth. And ramps for in air fights demoknights! This map intent a new approach to Medieval plays by adding two facing ramps for demoknights to fight in air and with a point to defend underneath them. Jumping is mandatory everywhere and may unlock you flank routes to deliver that...
  15. QLAKD-Jif

    Clocktower Pit A3.1

    King of the Hill Map. Still in Alpha until real players playtest it. Tell me what you like about it and tell me what you didn't. Feedback is welcomed!
  16. Seberster

    Hellpit a1?

    I would love to know what versions fits this map best
  17. Jebehdebehhuh

    Sawpit Alpha 1

    A saw and some death pits, Duh. =This is my very first KotH map= Tell me what you think and suggest things you think should be added or removed from the map, have fun.
  18. I

    How do you create Helltower pit, most notably the class screams?

    I was wondering what brush entity is used to cause the classes to scream as they fall down the Helltower pit. Can anybody tell me??