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    72hr Jam 2023 koth_neighbours 2023-09-16

    My first attempt at TF2 mapping:D
  2. clippy605

    Xylophone a4a

    Xylophone is a tight KOTH map mostly intended for me to learn the hammer editor. The map is in a very early stage where the layout has a very high chance of changing. At this point, Xylophone needs playtesting to see how to evolve it. Credits HappyHead for the green poisonous water texture
  3. Elgen T

    Silo b1b

    Simple koth map based around a silo, with a generally easy layout to get used to. Good verticality alongside a few flank routes for faster classes or helping push onto the point to take control.
  4. zythe_

    mini gpit a2

    small gravelpit styled ultiduo map also compatible with ultitrio!
  5. nea

    Valley 2

    First map*! *that ive uploaded to tf2maps As with the first of almost anything, it probably sucks. But I need to know WHY it sucks. Its a bit bland, unoriginal, and generally underwhelming. Please leave feedback! (if you want to of course.)
  6. ProCopperTail

    Centrifuge v2beta

    Work in progress. Capture the shed in the middle.
  7. its_natclayton

    LD3_Washout a3

    Developed as part of a Source level design jam in a Patreon discord server, with the theme being "Five Rooms" Washout is a 5CP map set in a dusty desert compound, that trades the usual sprawl of 5cp maps for a more compact layout that shifts depending on point control. Inspired by cp_Steel's...
  8. A Smooth Criminal

    Silo V5A

    Hello. I got Hammer++ recently for fun. I've never done mapping before and I thought I'd just mess around for a bit with the editor to see what it could do. Little did I know that it'd turn into 3 days of my life pretty much being dedicated entirely to this thing. It may not have perfected...
  9. Dr. Terror

    koth_secretstash 2022-12-21

    My first TF2 map, made over the span of about two days. Probably very bad (as most peoples first projects are) but I think it could be fun regardless :) Small map, probably best played with around 6 people on each team, but with enough spawns set for 32 people if you're crazy.
  10. FPeely

    koth_tallbridge Alpha 2.01

    The first map I have ever made in hammer. On the lookout for feedback, will continue developing the map.
  11. SoulzBerry

    Sundrop a2

    This is a fairly small KOTH map. It doesn't have any special mechanics or gimmicks. I don't have a set theme and the layout may change greatly later on. I originally designed it a while ago as a SD map but decided to drop it very early on. I recently found it again and decided to simplify it to...
  12. ToomSterr

    Inferno A4

  13. Markus_McCloud

    Graffiti (Alpha) Alpha 3a

    I came up with this map layout idea while bored as hell at work. The idea for the theming came about as one of ArraySeven's old discarded ideas: In my idea, I made it into a small Tug of War Payload map instead of a traditional one. And yeah, I know that choosing an unconventional gamemode...
  14. ItsOnlyMilky

    Strongarm A1

    Strongarm is a KOTH map with a moving point! The point is suspended from the arm of the crane at the center of the map- the point is static at first, but when captured will begin to move as the crane rotates (clockwise when the point is controlled by BLU, and counter-clockwise when the point is...
  15. ArtZ

    Overlook b1

    Overlook is a small king of the hill map with mirror symmetry, where two towers overlook the control point. I stopped working on this map almost a year ago, and only picked it up again recently. This is my first Team Fortress 2 map. It isn't good
  16. lordofpixels

    Hole b3c

    feedback appreciated.
  17. ItsOnlyMilky

    Koth_Topside B11

    Topside is a compact King Of The Hill map set at the top of two tall buildings. Players spawn on the lower floor at the back of their own building and must proceed upstairs to the main combat area- the left door is the main route, whereas the right door leads quickly to a risky flank. The...
  18. the awesome

    72hr Jam 2022 jb_72hours 1

    it's a small jailbreak map thats about it i can be reached at
  19. Fiddleford

    Fjord RC1B

    A king of the hill map with a lot of spytech and fjords(who would have guessed?). Its unique layout doesn't look anything like other king of the hill maps, so be prepared for the unique gameplay experience, as well as stunning aesthetics. And did I mention that this map has FJORDS!!! The map...
  20. da703337

    Medieval koth_odddream v6trollv2

    A very small KOTH map for TF2 that I wanted to make weird but still playable and hopefully enjoyable. I succeeded on the playable part at least!