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  1. Markus_McCloud

    Graffiti (Alpha) Alpha 1

    I came up with this map layout idea while bored as hell at work. The idea for the theming came about as one of ArraySeven's old discarded ideas: In my idea, I made it into a small Tug of War Payload map instead of a traditional one. And yeah, I know that choosing an unconventional gamemode...
  2. ItsOnlyMilky

    Strongarm A1

    Strongarm is a KOTH map with a moving point! The point is suspended from the arm of the crane at the center of the map- the point is static at first, but when captured will begin to move as the crane rotates (clockwise when the point is controlled by BLU, and counter-clockwise when the point is...
  3. ArtZ

    Overlook a8

    Overlook is a small king of the hill map with mirror symmetry, where two towers overlook the control point. I stopped working on this map almost a year ago, and only picked it up again recently. This is my first Team Fortress 2 map.
  4. GreenieGirl

    Thepit rc1

    Come on, come all! To "the pit", an old Red facility repurposed as a war zone for the Open Fortress blood bath. This is a duel map, it's pretty small and not designed for more than 5 people. Any feedback is welcome!
  5. lordofpixels

    Hole 2022-09-15

    feedback appreciated.
  6. ItsOnlyMilky

    Koth_Topside a12a

    Topside is a compact King Of The Hill map set at the top of two tall buildings. RED and BLU each Spawn in the downstairs of their own building, and must proceed to the top floor by means of the nearby Main Staircase or the further Flank Staircase. From the Roof, players will naturally meet in...
  7. the awesome

    jb_72hours 1

    it's a small jailbreak map thats about it i can be reached at
  8. Fiddleford

    Fjord A3

    A koth map made for 10 Day Contest.
  9. da703337

    Medieval koth_odddream v6trollv2

    A very small KOTH map for TF2 that I wanted to make weird but still playable and hopefully enjoyable. I succeeded on the playable part at least!
  10. Mast3r_Fr0wn

    arena_hillspit a1

    Quick arena map made for 2 days!
  11. softineon ♥

    Koth_soft 1.1 (changed the name of it a little)

    A small, boxy king of the kill map set in a storage unit (my 1st map ^^)
  12. Cyberen

    Binoculars 1

    Little binocular prop with collision! No custom vtf necessary because it just uses the texture for the Sniper's rifle! Credit not required, but appreciated!
  13. Mountain Man

    Arena Annex 72HR Fix

    A small junction themed arena map I made for the 72hr event.
  14. Sonoma

    Pit final

    A reimagining of the classic TF2 map pl_minepit from 2009, originally created by cdsand. With their permission I've re-artpassed the map to fit TF2's artstyle in a way that makes it looks straight out of 2009, I chose the desert theme because of that. I picked this map because I'm very...
  15. Custard1

    72hr Jam Jar 2021-12-13

    A jar of 72 hour jam. Made as a joke, not for actual submission for 72 hour 2021. Has collisions, 4 material slots (awful optimisation). Compatible as a $staticprop
  16. Yelta + 옐다

    Small project ideas?

    This might be a silly question, but I haven't made a map in a while and just felt like getting into hammer again. Thing is, I don't have time, motivation or knowledge to make an entire map. I'd much rather do just a few rooms, with a lot of detailing, some funny things like pits and trains, much...
  17. G

    koth_mannshack v2

    A small king of the hill map (24 player maximum). This is my second map, so I tried to add a lot more thing than the previous one.
  18. [Tryhards] YannYann123

    koth_beachbells a1

    First map where i dont think scaling is much of an issue, but i'm wondering if i should add another courtyard between the spawn rooms and the point.
  19. [GIB] Kapwiing

    Venezuela a2

    Wow a koth map. But its Venezuela I had an idea for mid and decided to make an entire map to test things. I thought of brazil when making it for some reason so I decided to go with Venezuela because I had no other idea. Feel free to leave any kind of feedback, positive or negative, I really want...
  20. bagelchips

    koth_dustpit A1

    My first map, so don't expect perfect balance. A small, viaduct inspired koth map with a choice, go blindly out a vent for quick access to the point, or take a longer, safer path. Just like viaduct, this map is symmetrical mirrored. Just dev textures, unoptimized, and with a bad skybox.