Outflow a30

Steel by the Sea

  1. uhh

    -reverted to a28 and then tried to add some of the fixes since
    -some things may have not survived the reversion
    -blocked off a little portion of C
    -fixed orientation of radar
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  2. more big stupid

    -Fixed respawnroom still being active in RED's first spawn after it opens
    -Moved BLU's forward spawn
    -Blocked off the old one
    -Fixed RED's respawn times on B and C because I set the spawntime change backwards
  3. Fixing a Big Stupid

    -Added respawnroom visualisers to the new RED first spawn
    -Made the doors work
  4. bad decisions again

    -Made the C choke room into RED's new first spawn
    -Adjusted spawn times to compensate
    -C choke -> C is now a raised dropdown
    -New pickup placements in C choke
    -Removed lefthand RED spawn exit onto C
  5. ahahaha what is even UP with C

    -shortened C captime back to what it was
    -shortened B captime to match A and C
    -removed some resupplies from RED spawn that made watching the point from spawn too easy
  6. Spawn Fuckery

    Fiddled with spawn locations for each point
    -Red now spawn in the other half of their spawnroom after B
    -One of Red's spawn exits onto C is now closed after B
    -Red spawn has been modified for the new location
    -Blu spawns are moved forwards slightly after A
    -Added new drop connecting C Choke to Sewer, opens like the rest of C Choke after B
  7. more versions you have to play im sorry

    -Lengthened C captime to match B
    -Fixed a perch spot on B
    -Added a Stop Hand sign to a door people kept trying to open
    -made the map good nvm probably not
  8. New Back C (Finally)

    -New back of C
    -Opened ceiling above it

    Hopefully RED should have more high ground defending C and more use for the back of the point area
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  9. C tweaks

    -Rotated RED spawns to face both exits when A is capped
    -Added missing patches to pickups in sewer
    -Fixed far C spawn door not opening after B is capped
  10. Back C changes

    -Removed RED's Back spawn
    -Replaced Back spawn area with a new hold spot for RED
    -A/B exits to RED spawn still close when B is capped, but C exits do not
    -RED spawns also rotate to face C when B is capped
    -Fixed a perch spot on A
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