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  1. Yo Yo Bobby Joe

    Water Refraction Floor Texture

    I was curious whether anyone had ever attempted to try this before; if anyone has ever made an animated water refraction texture like this, I would greatly appreciate it if you sent it my way. I plan on using it as a projected texture.
  2. KrazyZark

    Open Ocean Skybox V1

    Comes with 2 variations for near surface and abyssal deep down Has a zoo for lighting and fog made for it
  3. Custard1

    Canaveral Asset Pack V1

    A quick asset dump of all the assets I used for CP_Canaveral, plus a few more that I put together that could be useful. Includes: Textures Exterior metal walls in 4 colours, 3 styles, plus neutral Interior brick walls in 4 colours, 3 styles plus neutral Old office walls in red, neutral, 2...
  4. JackHundeswald

    Storm Barge 1

    /!\ This map was made for TFConnect 2022! For contest orgianizers: if the map causes problem while loading... just try again, don't worry about it. DISCLAIMER: no tree models have been decompiled and modified for use on this map. every branch you see is either part of the original, or a brand...
  5. zythe_

    zythebeach a3

    shorelight 2
  6. Ismaciodismorphus

    Ocean Floor 6/15/2022

    This is some old skybox i made Name is sky_oceanfloor_01
  7. Springy

    springwarrior mc17 a2

    Made for Microcontest 17: Earth, Wind and Fire The teams fight on oil rigs in middle of the ocean, watch out for EPIC jump pad action and airbasts Wind - 5 jump pads Earth - 2 ( 1 for each side) moving platforms
  8. moo

    Monopod A11

    Monopod is a Control Point map set on an oil rig in Alaska. This map was made by Deloras in a forum post, so go give them the love and support they deserve. This is a repost so that way people can reliably download this map.
  9. Dasprucegoose

    Venice a14

    RED and BLU fight over a plaza in a city inspired by Venice, Italy.
  10. louieh

    Groynes A1d

    I've only been mapping for around a month or so, and here is my first TF2 make to make it to the beta stage! I used a bunch of assets from the bulletcrops content pack as I found a bunch of the props included really inspirational for making this map! Currently unsure if I'll be progressing...
  11. Piesofthesky

    Boxes A10

    koth_boxes This is my first attempt at creating a more serious map. I wanted to resist my urge to make crazy off-the-grid brushwork and focus on the basics, which gave me the idea to make much of my map from cargo containers. The containers in this map do not use the cargo container props, but...
  12. Aapelikaeki

    PD Aapeli Tropical A3

    A player destruction map set in a tropical cargo center. The teams will have to collect as much loot as possible and load it onto their ships using a conveyor belt. Unfortunately both conveyor belts are located in the same room and the power keeps cutting out. Developed for the Back to basics...
  13. Billo

    pl_eruption B13

    Eruption is set on a tropical island far away in the ocean. The map features a unique design for every point and it was even featured in competitive Highlander games! RED has been doing research on how to weaponize magma on Fuego Sagrado Island. What do they plan to use it for? Whatever it is...
  14. Umbya Shpee

    This is the time for what? [SFM + Photoshop] - Summer 2018 72 Hour jam entry 2018-07-30

    The following is a poster I made for the 2018, 72 hour summer contest in sfm, beginning work around 6 pm est on Saturday July 28th 2018. Completed at 11 pm est Sunday, July 29th, 2018. Also comes with a complementary spy, attempting to make the blender logo. Enjoy! :) Assets I used...
  15. Aapelikaeki

    High And Low 2018 - Aapelikaeki Final

    Aapelikaeki's High and Low 2018 entry. A tall technological BLU base near the ocean with clean corridoors and messy construction sites and server rooms. Credits Freecity Texture Pack https://gamebanana.com/textures/download/3820 Construction Theme Pack...
  16. T

    Tug O' War A7

    The saga of Red and Blue fighting over meaningless things continues as they have a "tug of war" over which direction a "tug boat" circles. Pun extremely intended :p . Gameplay revolves around getting on and capturing a moving boat with a koth point on it. Capture the point and it circles...
  17. eighttailedfox

    Mein Mines a5

    Mein Mines is a TugOWar payload map. Set on a small island, once used as a supply base for the Mercs. It's become a hotspot of war. Red vs Blu. Winner takes the supplies. Gamemode Entity work provided by fubar Custom Models from the Frontline Pack.
  18. Clone5184

    Beach Walk A10

    I started work on this map at an ID Tech camp in 2016. After sitting on a flash drive for nearly a year, I decided to pick it up again, and try to finish it/add polish. This map takes place along the coastline of some city, somewhere. Red has a factory that's spewing chemicals into the Ocean...
  19. Funnystuf

    72hr Jam 2022 Luxury v1a

    My entry for the Winter 2017 72 Hour Jam. It's a Koth map taking place on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. It's a bit small, and not that great to play on in my opinion, and I guess I kinda knew that would happen going in, so I made sure the map was atleast nice to look at in some...
  20. Simulacron

    72hr Jam 2022 Cliffharbor b3_reuploaded

    This is my entry to the 72h summer jam of 2016. It's my first detail map ever, that uses the frontline assets and takes place on a military habor of the blu team. Rescources used: Frontline pack: here Abs mapping rescource pack: here