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  1. pont

    72hr Jam 2022 adctf_pont72hr2022 a1

    its 5am. i injected a bsp with the most raw, unadulterated Pure Gameplay Juice youll ever fucking see. get ready babes. hot shit. esports ready. this map will blast your nuts clean off. google,com
  2. pont

    cp_pont_mc20 a1

    5-point steeltype made for microcontest 20 - static spawns. oughe.
  3. Tiftid

    cp_ringroad A1

    Alright, so I made another map. I'm sure I'll be one of the top contributors after a few months, right guys? So anyway. Steeltype. I called this cp_ringroad since the basic idea was three points on one curved stretch of land going past the final point. Hence, a curved road. This is a...
  4. zahndah

    Blimp Blitz A2

    A steel-type control points map made for the Back to Basics contest. Blu don't like how Red are stealing their patented Blimp design! That's illegal! Blu are planning a covert mission, invading Red's blimp hangar to seize the blimp for themselves. Whether or not they are successful is another...
  5. Emil_Rusboi

    Rush B a1a

    КРС built a huge Nuclear Power Plant called "Краснооктябрьская Атомная Электростанция имени Хейла" and decided to sell some energy to СИН, but one day they just stopped exporting energy for no reason... So, СИН decided to take control over the plant... Rush B - 3CP A/D Steel-type map with...
  6. Scampi

    A few issues to fix

    Greetings, I am back with a few more questions. cp_chateau_event is almost ready to go into B2, although at this point it's probably closer to RC1. Before I progress, there are few things I would like and/or need to sort out. 1. Is there anyway to make these control points not fullbright? Both...
  7. SnickerPuffs

    Ydan a1

    A while ago, I released a map named Stiletto, which was an edit of Borneo's A1. This was meant to serve as an example of my "Mother-Forking Mapping Contest" idea, which can be read about here. For a number of reasons, I had dropped this project. All things considered, it was a poor launch-board...
  8. DrNightKOT

    Dammage A1

    After figuring out that a simple hydro powerplant shouldn't have 4 trains running to it constantly, nor that it should have a giant military-grade antenna tower in the middle of it, BLU decided to investigate and ran into what turned out to be a RED base of epic proportions, set to control...
  9. AsG_Alligator

    Junglesteeltype a3

    My first attempt on making a steel-type a/d cp map.