cp_neighbor b3

2cp map in a city inspired by San Francisco and Montreal

  1. Detailing for connect5 submission

    • No more dev textures
    • Textured the spawns to an ok level
    • Finished custom car model
    • The door leading to Red spawn near B is back to being one-way, and was moved closed to Red spawn
    • The crates that let attackers climb to A are replaced with a big staircase
    • Added visual warning about the death pit
    • The crates that let defenders climb over the pool fence are smoothed out a bit
    • Some prop variation, thinner windows, etc
  2. more work on skybox, Hotel lobby

    • lots of visual updates to Hotel lobby, moved the desk away
    • larger water texture in skybox
    • skybox trees blend better with background
    • closed up both ends of the highroad
    • barbed wire at the top of the smaller building near A
    • some clipping around props
    neighbor_b2_01.png neighbor_b2_02.png neighbor_b2_03.png neighbor_b2_04.png neighbor_b2_05.png
  3. oops forgot to toggle clips in b1

    b1 with Clip brushes.
  4. detail pass, highroad in skybox

    At this point this is more than just beta1 but yeah.
    • No more grey/placeholder buildings
    • 3D skybox is starting to make sense
    • Various prettier things
    pics later
  5. a bit easier to attack B, improved clipping

    • Changed respawn wave time for Red on B to 8 secs (from 6)
    • Wall next to B lowered to make it easier for attackers to shoot the strong sentry nest
    • Wall between Hotel lobby and point now has windows to make attacking B less of a blind guess
    • Added a small side door to Hotel lobby
    • Pushed Red spawn away from side path, should be more viable for Blu
    • Improved clipping around props so Spies don't get stuck and Soldiers don't bump their heads on invisible ceilings
    • Added a...
  6. some detailing around Blu spawn

    Couldn't get v.A3 tested so I started detailing around the Blu spawn. Changed the street lines to white.

    neighbor_a4_01.png neighbor_a4_02.png neighbor_a4_03.png neighbor_a4_04.png neighbor_a4_05.png neighbor_a4_06.png neighbor_a4_topdown.png
  7. A is a bit less wide, blocked one path to B, faster respawn waves, detailed some areas

    Point A Respawn Wave Time: 8 secs
    Point B Respawn Wave Time: 6 secs

    I didn't forget clipping this time..

    neighbor_a3_01.png neighbor_a3_02.png neighbor_a3_03.png neighbor_a3_04.png neighbor_a3_05.png neighbor_a3_06.png
  8. almost half the width, shortened sight lines, more chokes, 2nd spawn for Blu, no errors

    Scaled down a lot of spaces, less streets, more fights should be happening in buildings. Less dark too.
    Blu spawns close to A once it is capped.
    This time properly packed and tested.


    1. neighbor_a2_01.png
    2. neighbor_a2_02.png
    3. neighbor_a2_03.png
    4. neighbor_a2_04.png
    5. neighbor_a2_05.png
    6. neighbor_a2_06.png