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  1. Katsu! :3

    Construction Pack Credits [Not Fully Complete] @a freakin' knight recently showed this out of the blue and I think it'd be important to keep this download on a tight leash. This is not the complete credits page (unknown where that is)...
  2. zythe_

    Crossing Guard a1

    3 section mvm map where each area is meant to be defendable, well see if it works out like that lol only 3 possible pathways for bots and 2 tank paths.
  3. Brokkhouse

    Hinterlands A7

    Unofficial TCDOM Contest entry. Made by Brokk and Codex. This take on the criminally underused Cyclic Capture Points gamemode (or Cyclic Territorial Control) places teams at opposing corners of a 4-point map. You may only capture the point to your immediate left. You will always spawn at the...
  4. ItsOnlyMilky

    Strongarm A1

    Strongarm is a KOTH map with a moving point! The point is suspended from the arm of the crane at the center of the map- the point is static at first, but when captured will begin to move as the crane rotates (clockwise when the point is controlled by BLU, and counter-clockwise when the point is...
  5. Seacat08

    vert B4

    Red and Blu capture each others intel on a skyscraper that's still under construction.
  6. Ms. Wizard <|:)

    koth_backfill b2

    Built for TF2 Classic. Still in dev textures, but taking shape quickly. Thanks for checking the page out!
  7. Khaki Cap

    Radio Hotel a3a6

    (Map is being made by Khaki Cap and BonkieBlues) Greetings comrades. Both of your teams have been hired by our glorious to help us construct our newest hotel we will have in this tiny region. The work has been post poned so many times due to attacks on workers. And that's not all! We need...
  8. d3adfin

    Iron Belt a3b

    koth_ironbelt is (an attempt at) a 6v6 koth map that should hopefully maintain a fast, frantic pace. i designed this for a school project! inspired by maps like product, bagel, coalplant, furious heights (quake live) and molten falls (quake champions)
  9. A

    InsertNameHere A1

    Fight over land to build on! Because both teams can't just build elsewhere, apparently. Features: -trane
  10. zythe_

    strongarm a2

    highlander oriented steel type cp map with realistic rebar distribution that noone will ever notice or care about! created for the "real steel" mapping competition hosted on testco
  11. zzaJ

    Drywall a4

    Through some sort of error, RED and BLU have both been contracted to build the same tiny shack on the same property. looks like a fight may be brewing! My first map. hopefully I can patch it into something at least half decent.
  12. bajablink

    Bullfighter A2A

    Overview: The map is set in 2 buildings under construction created by Blutarch Mann and Redmond Mann with a point in the middle. Thanks to: Danimations - making the map
  13. zythe_

    epicenter a1

    I've decided to bring new life to an old TFC map called epicenter! A map that would have otherwise been forgotten is now getting a full tf2 style remake with only a few gameplay updates such as new spawn exits and an extra route into the cap area. Epicenter was originally a invade CTF map! Now...
  14. Emil_Rusboi

    Gypsum wall texture v1

    Gypsum wall texture comes in 2 variants: plain and painted recreated as seen in cp_vanguard
  15. H1gh0nSt34m

    koth_construction complex a10

    A first map. rotationally symmetrical, twin cranes, a small sewer. and multiple courtyards. Map overview is kinda messed up
  16. Deludank

    Darcy A3a

    My first map to be posted, not the first map I made, but still, it's my first good one. This map is based on a station where the Blue and Red teams sell gravel and the like. This map uses The Construction Pack.
  17. Nickolas Ninja

    MannCoNstruction 2020-05-22

    a construction themed king of the hill map. (p.s. dont play this it sucks) (yes i submitted this, yes it was meant to be serious, yes this was play tested, yes it went terribly.)
  18. RedTPC

    Crash a2

    Break In is a small KOTH map based around the construction theme? with questionable brushwork...
  19. TylowStar

    pd_riser a5

    A highly compact PD map. what else to put here oh right thnx to the Construction Theme Pack and everyone who contributed to that.
  20. CJtheNewbie

    Crash Heights A1

    Run around on tall buildings, jumping on platforms lifted by giant cranes all in an attempt to capture the point and and demolish the opposing team's building! This map of course is still in development and although a lot of it has been textured and detailed I still see it in alpha phase as...