1. Phe

    Launch a5

    for stack the deck contest
  2. djmatt18000

    indusktrial a6

    a industrial themed night koth map i made
  3. Flailmorpho

    Cliffwreck A3

    Three levels of verticality separate this rather thin map, with holes that lead down to lower floors, it's easier to go down than up. Under the observation deck is the point, at the lowest part of the map. Designed to be easy to take, and hard to hold, control of all three floors is necessary...
  4. August101

    vip_oilrigging a3

    Your used to playing with danger, and exploding bases without worry about the consequences; but this time is different. Red has an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, where they been doing spytech stuff above your usual pay grade, as well as a general money maker. You'll have a specialist who can...
  5. Quiztec

    Intercom b1a

    Have you ever lost your way on the maps you play? Many players find such maps confusing and often don't return to them due to the lengthy familiarization process. That's why we've designed the Intercom map with these players in mind! Symmetric Linear Intercom adopts the Symmetrical Linear style...
  6. Ranily

    Backbase 1.55.0

    Welcome to Back Base ! A community map to create for the purpose of offering the community yet another map. I need feedback to start working on it again ! This is a re-release of the old version under development, and I wanted to offer the final version its own place on the workshop...
  7. Aarmastah

    Wreathenburg a1c

    This is a winter/smissmas-themed reskin of mvm_rottenburg by me, using additional assets by Yrrzy and Diva Dan. Several pop files are included, also being reskins of stock missions, but the robots have been edited to be a little bit more festive/jolly/silly etc (complete with new HUD icons). If...
  8. ethosaur

    Pianta Village (Night) a2

    Had a go at trying to port something from one of my favorite games (Super Mario Sunshine) Its not perfect but I tried to make it as authentic as possible (with a few adjustments and extras to make it fun to play in TF2) Has lots of custom models from the game, including ammo and health pickup...
  9. Nixxk

    Hoppercar a1

    idk first map
  10. Hydro Eclipse

    Earth Seasons A2

    The seasons come and go, changing the earth a little each time. Well, what if those small changes did actually happen? Earth Seasons attempts to have a random season chosen at the start of each round, with each season changing the map in small ways. A door here or there may open or close, an...
  11. Sympuppy

    Icy Flats rc3

    Somewhere in the frozen foothills of the Rockies lies a nuclear facility on the brink of disaster... With the numerous accidents and toxic materials being carelessly dumped into the earth, RED and BLU have come to the conclusion that the other company is to blame! So how do you make sure that...
  12. ics

    Albus RC1

    Its the white season again. Albus is here (no not the dumbledore) but yet another payload map! Ruin RED teams smissmas! Help the little snowman back to the big one and blow up their snowman & smissmass tree! Or stop it getting ruined by BLU team! Map by ICS Zeus' Smissmas Goodies by Zeus...
  13. spruce

    72hr Jam 2023 A/D Nocturnal (72Hr Jam) a1

    Nocturnal is my Halloween 2 Point A/D map with no Halloween gimmicks, it's shoddy because I was running out of time, thanks for understanding Report any issues please thanks.
  14. Shisho

    72hr Jam 2023 koth_croc a1

    my first map, a small koth map with lots of crocodile-infested water. used to be a A + B > C map but i was runnin out of ideas and motivation. hence why red's side is kinda scuffed.
  15. 14bit

    Stronghold B5

    Amidst snowy peaks, a spooky stronghold is all that stands between you and the zombie horde. Keep alert and keep warm, and maybe you'll have what it takes to survive! Vote for Stronghold on the workshop today! This map is for the Zombie Infection Vscript mode! Zombie Infection Mode- @Diva...
  16. ics

    Hellway RC5

    Welcome to Hellway, its a way to hell, in a way. Introducing MINICULUS, a horrieying spawn of MONOCULUS. Now with 50% less size, 100% less rage and 1000% more jester! Hes still so young you know... Poison that motherhubbard with the booze! Deliver the Payload to the pit where it lives...
  17. Padre Snowmizzle

    Bunker (CP) [v2.0] 2.0.0

    Delve into the depths of the RED bunker, where the dust is dense and the air is still. In the Bunker, BLU must descend each level of the complex and capture points, while RED has to ward off the intruders. Sounds simple, right? Well Smokey Joe, you better bring a light and that gas mask of...
  18. Miki

    [VSH] Granary Storm V1

    View: A hurricane has swept over Granary while Saxton Hale fights for it back. A periodic storm will come crashing down and limit your vision, giving Hale the opportunity to pick you off one by one. So stay together! This is the Vscript Versus Saxton...
  19. Miki

    [ARENA] Granary Storm V1

    View: A hurricane has swept over Granary, but a little storm won't give you time off work. A periodic storm will come crashing down and limit your vision, giving you a window of time to push Sniper sightlines or strike an ambush. This is the ARENA...
  20. Roboto

    P-4rio's Night Lights v1

    Includes Lights: --- Thin (30 Inner / 45 Outer) And Wide (45 Inner / 60 Outer) --- That are appropriately Named. (Remove the Names before compiling or else Source will have a Brain Blast and make them Dynamic) --- From Heights: 192 256 320 384 448 512 ---