death pit

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  1. poltrageese

    cliffmas day a3

    a rework of cliffmas
  2. zythe_

    monkeynaut a1

    working title team project with square
  3. August101

    arena_heat_380 a3a

    I made this in about 5 hours thanks to a mixture of fatigue on other projects, wanting to create a heat inspired map, and conceptualizing how a highway setting would work for tf2. Custom content used:
  4. zythe_

    austria (stage 2) a3

    For years, ever since i started mapping, i wanted to make a multi stage map set in Austria. Today, for the Double Trouble contest, with the help of @Idolon, its becoming a reality.
  5. Ponds34

    Research 2023-11-19

    Its an arena map taking place in the black mesa facility where the control point moves around to give some depth to the map.
  6. ArtZ

    72hr Jam 2023 Glow a4

    Glow is my first Payload map, created for the 2023 TF2Maps 72 Hour Jam. It is a choke-heavy payload map with sharp contrasts between outdoor and indoor lighting, as well as a few death pit/cliffs sprinkled about.
  7. Sentry

    Battleburg [KOTH] 1.0

    IMPORTANT THIS IS NOT MEDIEVAL MODE MAP, MM version will be avaible soon Somewhere in the mountains, a lonely, dilapidated fortress still remains unconquered. Red and Blue fight for access to a river that could significantly increase the illegal arms trade. The castle is the key to dominating...
  8. Viliam

    Elevation 4

    i died
  9. MacD11

    Ascent Alpha 1 Subversion A

    -------------------------- Team Fortress Industries has many assets scattered throughout the world, particularly the more inconvenient parts of North America's west coast. Communication through large swathes of land can often prove to be difficult during a gravel war, which is exactly why TF.I...
  10. zythe_

    dryrock b6

    originally made for the TFconnect Smissmas contest. red teams basin has dried out and revealed a rocket hatch that was hidden all this time. obviously now, blue wants to blow it up. custom payload cart by @Rexy
  11. zythe_

    zythectf a4

    capture the flag
  12. ArtZ

    Breachpit a6a

    Breachpit is a single-stage 2CP attack/defense map. The map starts with BLU pushing down from a high ground and culminates in a control point above a deathpit near RED spawn. This map is heavily inspired by Gorge. It also sucks
  13. youporkchop5

    Empire rc2

    KOTH map made in collaboration with zythe, _rhamkin and radarhead! Even massive mega-corporations vying for a global hegemony over the world need office space. However, when you have to share that office space with another mega-corporation trying to achieve the same thing, AND your greatest...
  14. ultgamercw

    Battlements 0.7

    This is my first ever tf2 map. Koth_Battlements. It's still a work in progress so things like the random blocks will be replaced with props eventually. I'm willing to hear any and all feedback on the map. The design was based on an idea I had where I wondered what 2fort would look like as a koth...
  15. a fuddruckers

    Byte a2

    An arena map built on a cliff with a closed-in point and two diagonal buildings
  16. zythe_

    zythehouse a1

    despite what the name of this map might suggest, this is not actually my house, though i kinda wish it was...
  17. [Tryhards] YannYann123

    koth_beachbells a1

    First map where i dont think scaling is much of an issue, but i'm wondering if i should add another courtyard between the spawn rooms and the point.
  18. Potato 2

    koth_drilled v1

    Red and Blu accidentally hired the same contractors to build a giant drill on top of a hill, being lazy they only built half of each, now the mercs will have to fight for ownership of the drill and all the gravel it dug up so far.
  19. Mercia

    Radiotower A7b

    construction themed map This is my third map and I'm very happy with my mapping progress so far. Credits: The Construction Pack - various assets
  20. *Turns into crocodile*

    Dryleaf a1